Friday, August 26, 2011

Adult time = fun time

well- we went on a whirlwind of a trip with some friends of ours- down to good ol' sunny Florida- and we just had a blast. BLAST! I say!

But really we did have a lot of fun. Sunning, laying out, laying around, do you get my drift? It was so nice- we ate good food, laughed a lot, and spent quite a bit of time out relaxing in the sun. I would definitely say we "left our mark" on/ in Ft. Myers- LOL- some of us more than others.... and you know who you are.

A few pictures to recap.... and I know there are more- so more embarrassment to come- oh my.

we started out great!! looking good boys-

and then had some of these-

which lead to this- and it was a late night dance party-

they gave you a koozie here!

some how we ended up with about 7 at the condo... oops-
just kidding- our waiter gave them to us

this is what the ceiling looks like when you fall off your bar stool. and that may or may not have happened to someone... no not me

late night pool party- probably why we are only allowed to go in the "off season"
check out my hottie hubs!

like I said- these are just a few- still waiting on the evidence from the other culprits.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to eat cheese

Cheese is good. And it's a staple in K's diet. And mine too. Yum.

So this is how to eat cheese.

1. get cubes of cheese

2. sure you could eat with your boring ol fingers- but why?

3. get creative people! let's use the phone to eat cheese. place it carefully on the phone

 4. balance balance

5. scarf down

6. say cheese

successful cheese eating!!! now go try it!