Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A few days ago- we were talking about favorites. Favorite colors, favorite numbers, etc...

I asked him what his favorite food was- and he was telling me how he likes vegetables. 

hmmm... that's funny. I have NEVER seen him willingly eat one.single.vegetable.

I mean, sure, when he was a baby and I was mashing up all food in sight, I may have got a few down, but ever since he has been feeding himself- not one.

So I asked him
"well what is your favorite vegetable?"

and his response

"My favorite vegetable is strawberries with bacon"

Obviously I am the one with the problem. All these years- I just didn't know. I guess I need to rethink- expand my 'vegetable' category.

Today (11/19/13)- I asked him what he was thankful for. We are having Thanksgiving lunch with  him at his school today. I suggested things like Granny, Sisters, Mom and Dad etc...

But his response

"I am thankful for rocket ships, lunch time, and golf balls"

I am not making this stuff up. I don't know where he gets it- but I LOVE it. 

and a picture of Sissy- just because.