Thursday, July 11, 2013

She made it!

Almost 2 weeks old- I can't believe it. Time goes by too fast.

I figured I better get to writing this story down- otherwise I was going to forget what happened.

So here we go...

I'll start with where I left off on the last post. So after my fiasco with getting into to see my doctor- I got an appointment for Monday, June 24th. Went in, got checked- almost at 2cm. So we scheduled check in for Sunday, June 30th to be induced.

That week- Thursday night-about 10pm- I started having contractions. They were coming every 4-5 minutes and lasting over a minute. My mom lives an hour away- so after 45 minutes of this- I decided to give her a call. She started to head our way, and we figured if I was still having contractions by the time she got here- we would go to the hospital, and she would spend the night with K.

So about midnight we head up to the hospital. They monitored us for an hour- I was at a good 2cm (so a tiny bit of progress) and about 65% effaced. But we were sent home- I think I knew that was going to happen, but I have heard so many stories about girls waiting and not going to the hospital in time- I didn't want that to be me. No biggie. A good test run.

That weekend, we ate WAY too much. Finished up all the last minute baby stuff we wanted to get done. And relaxed. Enjoyed time with K- the last weekend he would be the 'baby' of our family.

Sunday my mom came up to stay with K- and we loaded up and headed to the hospital to check in. I cried when we left the house. I held it all in giving big hugs and kisses to my baby boy- but once we got in the car I turned into a sobbing mess. I am pretty sure my eyes were still red and poofy when we checked into the hospital.

But anyhow- we checked in and the plan was to start Cytotec (which is a pill put up against the cervix) So one pill, broken into quarters and they would give me 1/4 every 4 or 6 hours.... I can't remember.

When she gave me the 1st pill, I was at 3cm and 85% effaced. She even said she wouldn't be surprised if she was born that night! whoa whoa whoa....

And about 10 minutes later I started having contractions. Real contractions.

Cody and I played Draw Something with each other and tried to pass the time. And the contractions just kept on coming.

We talked with the nurse- she talked with my doctor. And it was decided to not give anymore Cytotec- and we would just see if I went into labor on my own. We tried to get some rest- since we knew a busy day (or busy night) would be coming up!

About 3am my contractions just went away on their own. At 5:30 the nurse came in and we got busy. She started me on pitocin and my doctor came in later to break my water. Now we wait......

Of course, the contractions continued to get stronger. Pitocin contractions are no joke. Cody was great. He had researched how to support me- and he really did a great job. Rubbing my feet, holding my hand

I made it to 4cm- before getting the epidural by Doogie Houser. (not even kidding) but he did a great job- and the ahhhhhhh feeling that came after was well worth it.

I asked when they would check me again- and they said sometime after lunch. But if I started to feel pressure down below- then I needed to let someone know. They were expecting a lunch time baby- so they would be back later.

And we wait....

I was propped up on my left side. And at some point I started feeling pain down my right butt cheek. I could feel it with each contraction and it was getting more and more uncomfortable. My nurse asked me to flip to my right side- since the epidural works off gravity- and said to push my 'button' (the give me a little more epi juice button) and if the pain didn't go away, wait 5 min and push the button again.

So I flipped, and I pushed the button. Not once, but twice, maybe even 3 times. Still nothing. I could feel this 'pain' down my right side. Then it occurred to me.... hmmm.... is this pressure? Holymoly- it IS pressure.

We called the nurse back in and she decided to check where we were. 8 cm. It WAS pressure. duh.

By now- my right side was completely noodle limp. I mean- I don't think my leg was even connected to my body. I could feel touch and pressure down my left side- but on the right. NOTHING. Such a weird feeling.

She sat my bed up- so that I was basically sitting up straight in the bed. And we let gravity work it's magic. That was probably at 11:30 am. My doctor came in a 12 and said we were ready to go.

We did one practice push. And she put on her 'gear' and asked the nurse to call a 'Baby Catcher' to L&D Room 4.

Cody was on my left side. And my nurse- got my dead leg right side. My doctor reminded Cody to count to 10 and we were ready to go.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

ok- ok- don't push. What? The Baby Catcher wasn't in the room. Nurse ran over to catch the baby. My dead leg fell out of the stirrup. Ha! It was craziness. My doctor reeled everyone back in. Told the nurse to get back on my dead leg and ensured that she would catch the baby.

And POP-

Her head was out. One more tiny push- and she was here. All of this happened in about 5 minutes. Still no Baby Catcher in the room. They put her up on my chest and she just looked up at me and we locked eyes.

Born at 12:21pm, 19 inches, 7lbs 13.4 oz.

The Baby Catcher made it in- and they wiped her down and suctioned her all out. She cried a little bit- but was pretty calm. And right back on my chest she went. They cleaned up, stitched up, and they left the room.

Just the 3 of us.

And we stayed like that for about 2 hours.


 During that time, the Castillos (who were in Colorado) sent us some fresh baked cookies from Tiff's Treats. Let me tell you. That was hands down- the BEST gift ever. I was starving and the cookies were still warm when they were delivered. YUM.

My mom and Big Brother K came up later that evening and that was a very sweet moment.

Our 1st night went pretty smooth. She was a good eater- and I was up and able to move around. Feeling pretty good.

We had a few VIP visitors the next day. A proud Big Brother and Sister.

We were actually allowed to go home later that day! So a quick short stay at the hospital and we were turned loose with a newborn! ahhhhh- what were they thinking? 

All dressed up and ready to head home.