Monday, January 31, 2011

We can share!


wonder how that happened?

  but now that's it not in the bowl- you want some?

Come on- just one piece?

Cooking it up!

This weekend we made some yummy food. It was such a beautiful weekend- 75 degrees- sunny with a little bit of cloud cover- nice! K and I went for a run Saturday morning- played at the park- talked to the cows-it was just nice. OH- and we also took family pictures on Sunday- but more on that in another post.

Back to the cooking-

I actually thought that it was going to rain-(I don't know why we even listen to the weather guys in TX) so I was thinking something yummy in the crock pot was called for. These crock pot carnitas from Weelicious are the best. Super easy- since you just dump it all in and go- and they fill the whole house with flavor. To top them off I found this Mexican Coleslaw - it added the perfect "crunch" to the tacos- which we put on corn tortillas. The only thing about the coleslaw is that it calls for diced avocados- and it makes a lot. So now the leftover's have turned a little brown. So next time I think I won't add the avocados to the main dish- I will just wait and add those to each individual serving.
We have actually eaten these yummy tacos for 3 days now- and plan on warming them up again tonight after BigSisterC's basketball game- they are just that good-

Hope you all had a great weekend! stayed tuned to see family pictures.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette-

Dear Restroom lady-

I understand that sometimes you  just have to "go". And sometimes this happens at work- and not in the privacy of your own home.

Please note- that we have private bathrooms downstairs- just one stall. That's right- you and only you.

But even they are not sound proof.

So if you can't make it to the bottom floor to "drop off the kids at the pool"

Please- for all our sake's!!! - keep the grunting to a minimum. (ew-ew-ew- just ew)

I mean- really- it's not necessary- is it?

Thank you-
The other women in the bathroom

BTW- we know what your shoes look like.....

embarrassing isn't it?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st Birthday Celebration Part 1 (decorations)

I figured I would break this down into 2 parts.

- Part 1- decorations
- Part 2- party time

Let me start out by thanking my helpers- they were a HUGE help and I could not have done it without them. Thanks Hubby, Big BrotherC, Big SisterC, and Miss H!!!

So a lot of people asked me how I came up with this idea- welp- it went somewhat like this. We were throwing around all kinds of 1st b-day party theme ideas. We went from Pirates to Carnival big tent themes. And we started to ponder on the fact that K (and mine) birthdays are in January- poo- and they always will be. But it's usually cold- and I say usually because in Texas you  just never know- but anyhow- since we can't predict the weather- it just sucks that we can't really have an outdoor party. Or pool party- or fun party at the park.

and that got me thinking- who cares what the weather is outside? let's bring the outdoors IN and it's always sunny inside! So the research began and we settled on a camping theme- and I wanted to make the inside of our house- look like we were outside.

I designed our invitations with trees, birds, owls, a tent, and campfire. And I took those designs and made patterns out of construction paper- which we then cut out and glued together. I found how to make trees inside- here- I wanted tress to be everywhere! On each of the trees I printed out a picture of K- starting with month 1-12- so we could compare how much he has changed over the past year! I just glued those on scrapbook paper and then stuck them to the trees. We used the same scrapbook paper to make a Happy Birthday banner too.

I wanted to set up the kitchen with a "sky" effect. So then I learned how to make balloon clusters- which would be our clouds. And then we decided to fill up blue balloons with helium for the sky. So we blew up a LOT of white cloud balloons and a LOT of green balloons for leaves on the trees. You could even get more fancy and cover the white balloons with cotton- to make them look fluffy if you wanted to- or had the time to. Which I didn't.

We decided to make our front room aka: dining room- the camping room. One of K's birthday presents was a new tent  and crawl through tunnel! We set up the tent and figured out how to make a campfire with red Christmas lights. If only we knew how to play the guitar- then we could have sat and sang songs around the campfire. (talk about my kind of camping- we have our wine cooler in there and no bugs- yay!)

Our other front room/ study we turned into the kids play room. I pulled out all the toys and everything in there was kid friendly and could be played with. The kids LOVED this room!

We really wanted to make S'mores over the fire pit out in the backyard- but it turned out to be a cold and rainy day- so-
But no worries- remember- always sunny inside! We built a big fire in the fireplace and I made some S'more brownies from The Sweets Life, and we also made Mini- Vanilla Cupcakes from Weelicious. Yummy! We bought a chocolate "smash" cake and then some blue and yellow cupcakes too. So we were good on sweets. I took the designs I had used on the invitation to create cupcake toppers with pictures of the blue bird that said "Sweet Tweet" and then the owl saying "Whoo's birthday?"  I also bought some toppers that just had the #1 on them.

For other food- I wanted to cover our kitchen table with paper and do a fun scene to put the food in. I actually got this idea from one of the weekly emails I get from Parenting Magazine- and it was too cute! I knew we wanted to do a tree- so I came up with some fun green foods. Cucumbers, green grapes, pickles, and Ants on a Log (celery with cream cheese and raisins). Then I had a big yellow dividing dish that served as the sun and in it we had: pizza rolls, taquitos, and mini-corn dogs. We had ranch dip in the middle- I also had planned on putting out salsa- but I forgot to draw it in someplace- Oh well. The two flowers had cubed cheddar cheese in the orange flower and cherry tomatoes in the red flower. And finally in the cutie pie caterpillar- we had cubed mozzarella cheese, fruit dip, and pineapples. I think this turned out really cute and I will use this idea again! I just drew out the scene,  traced the bowls that the food would go in, outlined it with marker, and then the girls colored it all in with crayons for me!

All in all- I think everything turned out really great!  Take a look and let me know what you think-
* now I am no professional photographer- so please excuse my lack of skills*

Here we are getting ready- the girls coloring

our front door- to the right is the playroom and to the left is the campground

trees- trees- everywhere!

view from the front door looking in

our front foyer

the kitchen- no "sky" up yet

more kitchen-

kitchen looking out to foyer

kitchen looking out towards hallway/ living room

Birthday banner

Fun Food Table!

The green tree-

Cutie Caterpillar

Flowers and sunshine!

S'mores brownies- these were soooo good and gooey- yum!

Mini- vanilla cupcakes-

Standard gift bags for the kiddos that came.

Over the TV in our living room

kitchen with the "sky"- the kids LOVED the balloons- they were everywhere by the end of the party!

The camping room with campfire-

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Technology- only as smart as it's owner-

yea- that's right.

I got this super super cool watch for my birthday! First let me give you a little bit of back story. A girl I stand next to in my Step class has this really cool watch- it counts her calories and keeps her heart rate and all that kind of good stuff. And since she is skinny and real cute and I want to be just like her- I just had to get me one of those watches!
Because having the watch will make me skinny- right?

yea- just like buying the P90-X videos will make me all muscley right?

what? that's not how it works?


I mention the watch to my Dad- who says he wants to get it for my birthday and wa-la a couple of weeks later I am nose into the "Quick Start Guide" and on my way to my 1st workout with The Watch.

And yes it deserves capitals, and yes it deserves bold- because I mean- this Watch is kinda like my Ruler- I mean- what it says goes. If it tells me to work  harder- then I should. And if it tells me to take it easy- they hey- I will. And if it tells me that I burned enough calories to enjoy some pizza and beer- then you know what- I am just going to do what it tells me to do.

Ok- so I enter in all my personal information- and do you know what The Watch tells me??

You're overweight.

ah- thanks butthole- that's pretty much why I got you in the 1st place. So I can be skinny like the girl next to me in class- duh. Don't need The Watch to tell me that- I have mirrors.

Then I head to Body Combat- which is a kickboxing class- so I am happy to take out some of my frustration in class and not on The Watch. So I work my butt off- I am kicking serious butt- and sweating like crazy- don't mess with me! I want to prove to The Watch that I can work hard and I can burn a lot of calories- just watch out you Watch!

and then guess what??

The Watch tells me that I burned 0 yup- ZERO big fat ZERO calories.

hmpf- that must have been the problem all this time. I mean working out and sweating all so hard- only to burn ZERO calories- no wonder I'm not loosing any weight.

a;wklsg;akr;l oweir;welnkfa;dflgneortjha;wrj- stupid watch!

so take 2 with The Watch. Today about half way through my weight lifting class- after the hardest part of the work out- squats, legs trembling, I need a break and I look down at The Watch to see what it thinks- maybe it will tell me to take it easy...yea right.

Then I see it- I realize..... ohhhhhh you have to push the "start workout" button.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Out of Town Holidays 2010

We had a great family visit to Georgia. K's 1st time on a plane- and he did great. I took all the advice from friends that was given me:
- bring toys that he's never seen/ played with before
- don't worry what everyone else thinks
- give a bottle at take off
- give yourself plenty of time to get through security
- bring snacks
We did all this and all went great. We only one tiny little set back on our way out of town. They let us board early- since we had the little one- how nice. But then our flight ended up getting delayed almost 2 hours!!! while we were ON the plane!! arrghghghghgh...
The pilot kept coming on saying "In just 30 more minutes folks- we should know more"
Then 30 minutes later he would say "Well folks- looks like we are going to be here 30 more minutes"


But we took off- had the bottle handy- and K went out - sound asleep. He slept the whole flight, until we started our decent into Atlanta. I don't know if his ears were popping or not- but I am pretty sure he was tired of being stuck in his car seat for almost 4 hours! As soon as the wheels touched the ground- we got him out and he was a happy camper again! Flirting with all the girls around us of course.
We got our rent-a-car and headed straight for the Krystal Hamburgers- YUMMY!! and it was snowing around us- how sweet. Little tiny hamburgers, sweet tea,  and snow :) mommy's happy.

Over the next 4 days we ate as much as we could and visited as much family as we could. It was a great visit. K got to meet 3 sets of great grandparents! wow! By the end of the trip he had everyone wrapped around his little finger and I am pretty sure he went back to daycare talking about all of us. Telling his friends things like "dude- all I did was shake my head and all 6 people at the table started shaking their heads too- they were weird"
LOL! it's true-

At Gigi & PapaB's opening presents-
and wearing the bows!

awwww- he loves his new monkey- giving kisses is so sweet!

playing with Aunt Cyd
 We also had the opportunity to celebrate with MY Great Uncle Bubba- so K's only Great Great Uncle- he has a beautiful home- amazing- right? We always love going out there and listening to him tell stories about him and my Grandaddy- getting into-  and trying to stay out of trouble-and let me tell you- they didn't do a very good job of it!

You really can't tell- but the pond was frozen when we got there~!

I can tell that K and his Great Uncle K will be great buddies one day- since K is already a Georgia bulldog fan and really likes Budweiser (cans that is-  he didn't have any of the beer...and you can't give him any until he's muchmuch older Uncle K!!!)

K and Greatgreat Uncle Bubba-
It was Uncle Bubba's 84th birthday- Happy Birthday!
We celebrated with moonshine- LOL!

Out and about for some hot wings and live music.

This is actually my mom and uncles toy horse- it has seen many many years of play time!

We really had a great trip. I got to get my fill of Krystal hamburgers. We even tried a Nu-Way hot dog- and it was good too! I brought home some Brunswick stew- (thank you Granny Nell) and I can hardly wait to try some. We also discovered this awesome brewery that is in Atlanta while we were in Florida last year. They don't sell their beer in TX- sadsadsad... But we stocked up and brought some back home- yay! Check them out- SweetWater Brewery.

It's sad to say but we don't get to be around family very much. We have wonderful friends here in TX- but since both of our families live out of town- it really makes the time special when you get to be around those that are related to you. I think that all younger people should get to be around great grandparents and listen to stories and wisdom that they have to offer. It stinks that travel is so expensive! We would love for brotherC and sisterC to get to make a trip to Georgia too. Maybe one of these days....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Morning

We are just a lucky lucky family- and we must have been pretty good this year! Santa was good to all of us-

 he saw the slide 1st~ whoooooaaaa

 Big Brother C under those piles of presents

Let's get to opening those Big Sister C!

my very own cell phone??

Notice his sideways footing- LOL! those pj's were a little too big-
  just lounging around in new clothes-  no biggie....

 what's this?? This thing is awesome! it shoots balls out with air- while K tries to stick them back in- he loves it- and so do the dogs!

love my new car!

look ma! no hands!

his fleece pj's got a little hot- but he is still working the 1/2 pj look! LOL!

what a day! now off to pack and get ready for our "Out of town" holiday celebration- that's up next!

Hometown Holidays 2010

I know- i knoooooow- don't even say it-

it's late- but it's here- we had so much going on this holiday season- I just couldn't keep up with everything. So I will start with the 1st half of our "Hometown Holidays" then we'll do post #2 with the "Out of town Holidays"

We really did have a great time! I sooo love the holidays- putting up decorations, day dreaming about what to buy everyone, cooking yummy treats, and getting to spend quality time with the fam!! It's all great!

Papa L came in town Christmas Eve-eve and we headed up to Home Field Grill for some food and games.

Now that C is an "official" basketball team player- I am pretty sure she put a whipping on PapaL...


The next day the boys ran around through the madness and got us a delicious Christmas dinner! We had prime rib, green chili cheese potatoes, collard greens, and a strawberry and spinach salad- ALL soooo good!- we opened a couple of presents- then we settled in and waited for Santa to come.

Opening his 1st present-

yay!!! Toy Story Lego's- just what she wanted!

Yay!! Star Wars Lego's- just what he wanted!!

what is it?? open it open it open it!!

wow- he loves it!

So while the older kids went off to work on putting together their Lego's- K decided to work on a bigger puzzle- organizing the container cabinet... good luck buddy!

Good night!