Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Cooky Cake Pops

My 1st attempt at making Allyson's famous cake pops-I have a whole new respect for Allyson's talent! These pops are a lot of work- but for my 1st try- I think I did a pretty good job. They sure taste great! Check them out!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

and the "10 WEEK COUNTDOWN" begins-

Oh MY! only 10 weeks to go?? WOW- all has really flown by- we have our crib, we need to pick up our car seat and pack-n-play, and some diapers- and we are good to go! right......????

How far along? 30 weeks

Body Changes? belly is growing, back is hurting, and I am pretty sure CJ thinks it's fun to kick me in the bladder

Sleep: actually getting use to getting up in the night- I guess this is how your body starts preparing you for those middle of the night feedings. Also- CJ must be a night time party animal- just because the sun goes down- doesn't mean the party stops for him! I actually had a muscle twitch in my knee one night- and woke up thinking CJ had somehow moved down my leg! haha- don't laugh at me...too hard-

Best moment this week: We have had a lot of good moments lately- our crib arrived! Cody took me on a romantic date to the Melting Pot- we went ring side at the Texas Stars hockey game- so fun! Our closing date is set- things have been good.

Gender: BOY

Food Cravings: still no "real" cravings- I am surprised- but I really don't have anything to report here.

What I miss: shaving my legs- well I don't really "miss" it- but it would be nice if I could get someone to do it for me-

Symptoms: pee- I can stand up from peeing and feel like I need to sit right back down-

What I am looking forward to: moving, sleeping in, going to visit my friend Allyson and her new baby Jack! and maybe a pedicure this weekend.

Milestones: my appointments have gone from once a month- to 3 weeks- and now we go to every 2 weeks- then down to once a week until he gets here! 30 weeks down- only 70 days to go!

*and a BIG congrats to a tiny pumpkin- hehe!* (yes- that's a secret code- I'll have to fill you in on a later date)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New House Pics

Check it out! Looks like we should be in by Thanksgiving! (or at least moving over Thanksgiving weekend) I can't wait!

Master shower tile-

CJ's Place

So if all goes well- this is the nursery plan.
This is our- well CJ's- crib (not bedding)
This is his bedding- it's little jungle animals- monkeys, lions, elephants, etc...

And we plan to do one wall like this.
Looks like we've- I mean Cody- has his work cut out for him.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moving Right Along

More pictures of the house! Moving Right Along! yaay!

Counter tops are in now!

They have actually done more stuff- stained the stairs, painted the interior, counter tops are in, and sidewalk is poured outside. Now we just need to move in- right? I am keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully we will get to have Thanksgiving in the new house.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love

OK- so has everyone seen the movie Can't Buy Me Love? You know- the one where Ronald pays to go out with the popular girl. Then he goes to the dance and does the African Anteater Ritual Dance....

you know....

3 steps left, 3 steps right, crazy head bang twitch, 3 steps left, 3 steps right, swing your arms like a monkey/ elephant

I know you remember-

Anyhow- bear with me- I do have a point to this post.

So I am pretty sure that I have NOT watched this movie in the past 7 months. But somehow CJ has learned it! I am telling you! I mean- maybe he has picked up the moves from an episode of So You Think You Can Dance- but however- he has it down. in the belly. see if you can top that.

Bottom line-

This kid has moves! (just like his mom and dad- LOL!)

On a side note- remember that nerdy ol' Ronald grew up to be McDreamy......hmmm.......

Double side note- I called it the African Rain Dance and when I was reading the post to C- he adamantly corrected me- to the Anteater Ritual- ahem......excuuuuuuse me.......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Funny Story

So each week Caleb has his list of spelling words and is responsible for completing spelling activities as homework with said words-

one of those activities is making sentences out of all the words- So this week one of his words is "Soot"

hmmmm.... kind of a hard word for a 4th grader- but he gave a good honest try- here was his sentence:

"Soot! I left my cell phone at the house."

haha!! He's so cute!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

28 Weeks Down- Only 12 To Go!

The view from up here- Gracie wanted to be in the picture too!

Hey- there's my toes!

How far along? 28 weeks- 7 months- holy moly batman!

Body Changes? belly is growing- so are my nails- and my belly button looks really weird- it's still an "inny" but it might not be for long

Sleep: sleeping is actually going pretty good- but I am ready for the time change- I hate getting up when it's still SO dark outside- I always have to double check my alarm clock to make sure it didn't go off at the wrong time

Best moment this week: we had lots of good moments this week- my dad came into town, got to hang out with some good friends last weekend, UT won!, making progress on our registry, nailed down a shower date- it's been good!

Gender: BOY (maybe part monkey- or part break dancer- you just never know)

Food Cravings: still not really much- although Cody blames his sweet tooth on "sympathy cravings" so maybe he is stealing my cravings??

What I miss: my clothes- maternity clothes shopping is just not all that fun....

Symptoms: I have started to feel the sciatica- oh the pain!

What I am looking forward to: I wish I had another sonogram- but I don't- so I am looking forward to moving into our new house- and getting to set up the nursery- that will be fun!

Milestones: I have my glucose test this week- hopefully I will pass with flying colors! Then I think I move from monthly appointments, to appointments every 2 weeks- then down to weekly-

Wisdom/ Words of Advice: Strangers- If you don't have something NICE to say to a pregnant woman- then don't say ANYTHING- and by nice I mean- "You look great!" because if you say I look small- then I worry and if you say I look big- then that's just rude- and NO I am not "about to pop" and YES- it is a baby in there?? Seriously people- think before you speak!
MY friends- we can talk about this stuff- but total strangers- it's just plain weird....
This is us all dressed up at Christi and Scott's wedding Oct. 3rd- Congrats to the newlyweds! I am sure they are living it up in Fiji!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 months of marriage-

Just a quick walk down memory lane- especially for all of you who are new to the SponLife Blog-

soooo.... 6 months of married life- and 7 months pregnant- you may wonder HOW? does that happen.... well rest assured- I was not pregnant at the wedding- but the way these doctors calculate all this 9 month stuff (which you are really pregnant for 10 months- hellloooo 40 weeks?) anyhow- it's not important- let's recap.

Below you will find just a few of my favorite moments- there are sooo many- but too many to put them all here-

Cody and I met in 2005 floating the river in New Bransfels (actually we met on this same river in 2004- but were "re- acquainted" in 2005)
ahhhh...... young love.....

Cody and I got engaged on Valentines Day (well Feb. 15th, 2008)
We kicked off the wedding planning season with a great Engagement Party at Uncle Billy's.

A few months later- Cody and I headed up to Lubbock (C's home town) to celebrate at a Luau with all of his hometown buddies!

Is that lipstick?

We finished off 2008 with Engagment pictures- can you believe it? Oct 2008 we were taking engagement pictures- Oct 2009 we are awaiting the arrival of CJ! what a year!

At the start of 2009- the planning was in full swing! We got the party started with a Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil shower- TONS of fun!

Then my mom and I took the girls on a Texas Wine Tour-

Amanda! really! keep it clean!

Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties were soon to follow. Us girls headed out to Nashville- I think that town is still talking about us!

yes- that's Bill Belemy!

One of my favs- too funny!

We had Rehearal Dinner-

We would soon learn about the Toast Master MC Justin!


The day begins-

Getting ready-

the boys-

The girls-

Finally down the asile-

Amanda caught the bouquet- can you tell which one she is? haha! But the myth must be true- becuase she was the next one to get engaged!

What a night! Off we went- as newlyweds!

Then honeymoon- Curacao-


Then baby-

And now- our house is almost done- baby will be here before we know it- it's all been somewhat surreal and just a whole whirlwind of fun. I have seriously had a smile across my face for the most part of the past 18 months-

Not to get sentimental or anything- but really- A BIG thank you to all of our friends and family that have stood by us and helped make all of this possible. Just looking back at these pictures makes me smile, makes me laugh- and I am looking forward to spending the next 100 years with my husband, my family, and all of our wonderful friends.