Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bues on the Green

Another reason to love Austin- there are so many. But being able to sit out on a blanket, in a park, BYOdrinks of choice, and listen to free live music- ranks pretty high up there.

We ventured out to Zilker Park last night to watch Charlie Mars at Blues on the Green.

What a great night. Nice weather. Great company.

you want me to look at the camera? no.

not going to do it.

  this little daredevil decided to climb up on the stroller and jump off!

1, 2, 3 jump

over and over and over again

and over and over and over

you think he would get tired, but...

Friday, May 25, 2012

8th Grade Dance-

The 8th grade formal was last night. They started having dances in 6th grade- but a formal?

Big. Deal.

So we went shopping- and lo- and - behold we found the dress at the 1st store!

We discussed hair styles, accessories and practiced wearing heals for the 1st time.
(and packed flip flops in the purse)

 Dad and I went up to the school to help decorate.

Then the girls started the "getting ready" process.

and yes- it is a process.


then we did the mandatory embarrassing pictures.

Then drove them up and dropped them off at the dance!

Her last dance of middle school- the last dance before high school.

what a night! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh-no he didn't.... yes he did.

yup- that's my son.

at my vanity...and in my make up.

'look it mommy'

ohhhh I am sooo proud of myself

oops- missed a spot

got it! all done!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Work Trip

I won't rub it in too much, but I work for a great company. Since we are all home based- we MUST all travel some place for our annual staff meeting...

so this year- why not stay at the Ritz Carlton Cancun?

This is the sunrise on my 1st day of meetings.

my "office" for the next day or so-

We also had a team outing at Selvatica- and went zip lining ( I did it upside down- whoooo) then rode the dune buggies- and ended up swimming in a cenote-

and we finished off the AWESOME day with dinner

and drinks :)

and on the last day- one last lunch out by the pool before heading off to the airport. This was actually the only time I got a little bit of sun. We did do a lot of work on this trip- and if you have to be away from loved ones for a little bit- then you can't complain about an office like this!

see dream jobs do exist. So happy I found mine.

Friday Night Dinner

I took advantage of a Living Social deal the other day and got a basket full of fresh organic veggies from Johnson's Backyard for a great deal!

so from that point- I was determined to make a yummy dinner with all my new veggies. I started the afternoon off with some kale chips. (don't have a picture of those) But they were good and easy to make- so I will for sure make those again.

I got a batch of tomatillos- YUM! and roasted them along with some onions, garlic, and jalapenos to make a fresh batch of tomatillo salsa. This was SO good.

The salsa

Then we threw some burgers on the grill along with our fresh green tomatoes! I went back and forth all day long between fried green tomatoes and this grilled green tomato recipe- and I am very happy with the way the Caprese Green Tomatoes turned out!

The tomatoes with fresh mozzarella slices and white balsamic. Let's all say it together

oh- me and K also made our 1st pool appearance of the summer! We didn't stay long- but he really got into the whole pool thing- it took a while- but now he has asked to go to the pool everyday.

This morning I said "are you ready to go to school?"

His response:
"yes mommy I want to go to the pool"

oh no.

Express Game

We love going to the Round Rock Express games- and this week Bob Schneider played after the game- so that was fun!

We met up with some friends and K just had a BLAST.  That's K and his new friend- they were best running pals all night long!

Running up the hill

Then down the hill

Back up the hill

Down the hill

All night long. I don't see how his little muscle legs aren't so sore the next day. No kidding he probably went to the top 30+ times....

Oh- and let's not forget the headstands! How fun!