Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st bites-

aaaannnnndddd we have food! yay! Check out his side lean in the bumpo. Guess it's time for us to go ahead and get a high chair - or eating chair of sorts.

My sleep conversations-

So did I mention that since Kash was sick last week- we haven't really gotten back on a solid "sleeping through the night" schedule kind of thing.

and sleep is important!

so- he has been waking up at odd hours- hungry- grumpy- or whatever- it's not fun.

so this is what happened last night-

Kash wakes up at 3:45- Cody goes to make the bottle- I feed him- he goes back to sleep- Dad is back asleep- but me....


In my brain goes-

I need to go to sleep.
Maybe I should count.
Ohh I will count waves. (on the noise machine for Kash)
I wish we could go to the beach. That would be nice. Wonder if that oil will ever reach the beach. I am glad there wasn't any there while we were there.
oops- back to counting
Wonder why I was dreaming about making bombs out of toilet papers roles. That is sooo weird. and then that guy in my dream was trying to blame me- and I didn't even do it. Like just one little piece of candy solves the whole case.
oh- yea- back to trying to fall asleep.
I wish I could sleep or fall asleep fast like Cody does. How long is Kash going to be waking up? Are we going to end up having to do the cry it out thing? Man- I don't want to do that- but I guess if we have to- we have to. We definitely need our sleep.
oh- yea- I need my sleep too. Back to counting. What number was I on??? hmmm...
so I bet as soon as I start to fall asleep the alarm is going to go off. that sucks. Maybe I should just get up. Then I could work out. ugggghhhh- I am already so sore. I hate missing a week of working out. Why do I do that? So step class tomorrow- I know- I don't want to go- but I will feel better after I do the class. Plus if I want to go to happy hour with the girls tomorrow night-then I should probably get a work out in before.
Happy Hour- what I am going to wear? Should I come home and change 1st? I guess it will depend on where we are meeting up. I don't want to drive all the way north- then back into town. maybe I should pack some clothes with me in the morning. Jeans? or just wear what I wear to work? hmmm... black pants, brown? I bet Kelly will be looking cute- she always does. She has good fashion sense-
this is so funny- I should write about this in my blog- haha! Totally rambling on while I am trying to fall asleep. I wonder if this happens to anyone else. haha!

beep beep beep

and that's it- the alarm goes off and it's time to get up. WOW- that makes for a great morning. (total sarcasm there)

The only thing that keeps me justalittlebit sane- hearing Kash wake up and say Mama- and then giving me that BIG morning smile!!

oh- and coffee- lots of coffee-

This is a MUCH better conversation-

Monday, July 26, 2010

I mean....

Ok- I have just one thing to say-


That's my one thing- but let me add....

Seriously- this is how my legs are feeling right now. I mean- I know I missed working out last week- since Kash was sick and all- but FOR REAL-

I miss just one week and already- just mere hours after finishing my workout- did I just say "mere"- anyhow-I am already wibbly wobbly. Whats the deal?

Damn Squats.

I mean- I was going to work out last Friday- but my co- worker talked me into eating pizza instead.

Damn Co-Worker.

and I planned on working out this weekend- or at least going on a walk or something. But geeze- it's already like 10,000 degrees by 8:00am.

Damn Texas Heat.

Excuses, excuses, excuses- I know I know I know- they are like a-holes-

Everybody's got one...

Damn excuses.

This crap better pay off-

Damn Boot Camp.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Review Board (BRB)

It's official!  I know you all have been anxiously waiting the decision of the BRB. It was brought before the board earlier this week- and passed unanimously- that birthdays don't not count if you are pregnant.

I really just like this new board president that we voted in- she really knows her stuff.

Anyhow- if you combine that ruling along with other past rulings like
- birthdays don't count while you are planning your wedding
- birthdays don't count if you are sick

That puts me back in my 20's!!! (well 29) Anyhow- I will officially be celebrating my 30th birthday this winter- so stay tuned for a fun celebration!

*PARENTS that's good news for you too! Since if I am younger- then so are you!*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Guilty Mom Confessions-

So it's contagious- I was reading Jessica's blog this morning and she did this on hers- and so I am doing it on mine. So if you have a blog- maybe you should do it on yours too!

My 10 Guilty Mom Confessions (I won't say top 10- because I am sure there are more that I am just not thinking of right now)

1. When you have a poopy diaper- almost all the times- I pass you off to Dad for a diaper change
2. When we started breast feeding- it hurt SO freaking bad- I would make your Dad count down backwards from 10- but he could never count fast enough
3. I know that I am supposed to let you learn to fall asleep on your own- but I like rocking you to sleep- I like to have you sleep on me- our naps together is one of my most favorite things
4. I know that you need to move up to your room and sleep in your own crib- but for right now- I just can't stand the thought of you being all the way upstairs- so far away from us.
5. The other day when TMZ had something about the Best Buns of Summer on- and was showing a bunch of girls in bikinis- you would not look away from the TV (yes *gulp* I let you watch TMZ)
6. I keep the not-so-cute clothes at daycare for your extra set- and it never fails that if we are going out after work- and I come to get you from school- you have somehow managed to get in the ugly clothes- this makes me so frustrated! (luckily I usually plan ahead for this and bring a cute outfit with me)
7. Use to- when you spit up it would gross me out- now- not even a little bit fazed by it- I am pretty sure I have spit up on all my clothes. (along with pee and poop too) (well... not on my clothes- but you get the idea) (..right?)
8. Most of the time when we are singing songs- I make up the words- and maybe even a little bit of the tune too. (nursery rhymes too)
9. I have not really a clue on starting solids. How to start, what to start with, when, where, who- not.a.clue. But hopefully you turn out ok and we get it all figured out.
10. For the past 6 months I have used your age as an excuse to not go to the gym. And now that you are old enough to go to the daycare center there- I'm not so sure I want to take you. I would rather just skip the workout and stay home and play.


thought of a few more- goodness!

11. I am sometimes jealous of other stay-at-home moms. But then I see you at school and how much fun you are having and I get secretly scared that you would be bored staying home with me.
12. Buying your Einstein Baby Bouncer thing was one of the best purchases we have made- and got it off Craig's List! You LOVE it- and it easily gives Dad and I plenty of time to cook, clean, shower, whatever....
13. We supplement with off brand formula and off brand diapers *gasp* and to tell you the truth- I think I like these diapers better. (we also use cloth diapers- but that's a whole nother post)
14. Your Dad can always make you laugh- out loud- I love hearing the sound of you laughing- but I am secretly jealous that you don't laugh like that for me. (but that's ok- cause you snuggle me more)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1/2 a year- really? 6 month update!

I can't believe it! Kash turns 6 months old TODAY!

Just think a year ago- this was me-
16 weeks pregnant-

And then 6 months ago- here I was-

ready to take my new little baby home from the hospital.

He is such pure joy- the purest form of joy that is legally available to a human being! I love waking up to his smiling face- love rocking him to sleep each night- love watching the kids play together- love hearing my husband making him laugh. It's truly pure bliss.

I mean- just look at this little chubby monster!

hahahaha! I can't believe that is actually THIS big boy-

Sooo onto the update! Here we go!

SIZE: not sure- but we have our 6 month check up next week- so I will update when I know. He is still wearing mostly 3-6 month size cloths.

NEW MOVES: He is soooo trying to crawl. He can get up on all 4s and rock back and forth, but hasn't quite figured out the whole "moving arms and legs" part. He can roll ALL over the place. He can sit up unassisted until he gets tired and decides to tummy it. We have been working on getting him to hold his own bottle- but who would want to hold their own bottle if someone else is offering to do it for you? Sometimes he will grab the bottle with his feet! (I think he's a littlebit part monkey)

YUMMY FOODS: No real foods yet. Not really. Still taking a bottle of formula about 5-6 oz every 3 hours. We are planing on introducing more solids- slowly. We have done some brown rice with pears- and that was just ok- We tried some frozen pureed watermelon- and this was the face I got:
I dont' think he was too sure about that. He is definitely interested. Likes to sit at the table and crush cracker packets. He also got to sit at the "big kid" table at school for the 1st time!

SLEEPING: We have moved to the pack-n-play! YAY!  It took about a week for the transition- but we are back to sleeping through the night. The Pack-n-Play is in our room- more for us than anything else. We just don't want Kash to have to sleep ALL the way upstairs all by himself. But I know that one of these days we will have to make that move. So let mommy just get prepared- and I will get there!

ANY WORDS: Not yet- lots of babbling, cooing, singing, but no real words. They do teach sign language at school- so we try and practice that at home too.

BEST MOMENTS: My favorite is still laughing. We can tickle Kash and he will laugh- that's so much fun. He also knows his name now! (although sometimes he chooses not to pay attention- but I guess that's something we will have to get use to)

FAVORITE THINGS: He LOVES his bouncy chair thing- he can do some serious bouncing in that thing! Which is good- because that really is the only place that we can put him while we cook, go to the bathroom, etc... that's safe. He can escape the bumpo chair- so no more bumpo time for him.
After going to the beach and pool and getting to splash everything- he really loves bathtime-uh Splashtime! And he loves his doggies- he talks with them- I think sometimes he yells at them- but he squeals and laughs when they are close and watches them walk EVERYwhere.
He got to meet Lola and Junior- I am sure he was wondering why these doggies were soooo small compared to ours at home-
Kisses from Lola- LOL!
Riding in the ByeBye buggy at school (his 1st ride)
Hanging out with his friends at school- that's the Cool Kids Club!

So I am sure the next 6 months will fly by just as fast- heck the last few years have gone by fast! (if I was counting- AND I AM- I would still be 30)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Out and About- Destin that is (part 2)

What fun! You know- Destin really is a great little town. (well not so little anymore) But we had a lot of fun~ shopping, eating, walking around, eating, even saw some live music, and did I mention that we ate too? They have this great area called HarborWalk Village - lots of shops and places to eat. They had live music at most of the places (kids can even go in  too!) and you can walk around and carry your beverage of choice! watchout! It's where the boats park- and come in and drop off the days catch too. So lots of activity- and plenty to do for the kid in all of us. I'll let the pictures do the talking- check them out-

Ready to go!
So this bird is a HUNTER! He would stand here and
let the kids feed the fish then-
SNAP! He would catch one of those little fishies justlikethat! He swallowed them whole- so I am pretty sure he had a whole huge belly swimming with little fish.
Is that Captain Morgan?
The kids didn't quite get it- so Dad and Kash had to show them how it's done-
Check out Kash's leg action-
UhOh- where did Dad go?
This girl can do a serious hurting on some crab legs-
ohhhh... maybe this is Captain Morgan? haha~ no he made us some fun balloon stuff-
A parrot, a turtle, and a sword-
We went and fed alligators-
Not sure what Cody is doing here?
Now I for sure would not want to run into this shark in the ocean! (or any shark for that matter)
We took pictures with the birds. These birds just flew down- landed right on our shoulders- and in our hands- and just sat there. CRAZY! right?
Tons of fun-

Kash had fun too-
Who's hand is that?
Happy 4th of July!
Not sure what exactly is soooooo funny here-

I hope the beaches stay as beautiful as ever- hopefully the oil won't ruin Destin. It would really be a shame. We had a blast and look forward to going back another year!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Only in Louisiana-

Would you find a sign like this-


the kids were sooooooo scared!

Kash wouldn't even get out of the car!

Ok- so maybe we need to work on their acting skills-

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Destin Vacation (part 1)

WOW- what a great time! We had a blast- the kids boggie boarded until they dropped- we ate until we popped- and laughed a lot. We played on the beach, in the pool, around the town- everywhere! It was a little overcast and rained a little- but on the last day the sunshine came out and we all soaked it up!

Kash loved the beach. He splashed in the pool and ate his fair share of sand. If he wasn't putting it in his mouth with his hands- he was being sneaky and putting it in his mouth with his feet.

This is how we spent our days at the beach-

Kash napping- ahhhh the calm ocean waves-

The boys riding the waves- this is "pre- boggie board"
Then we got the hook up!
Well of course- Dad had to get in on the action too!
The beach bums-
Ciara's "surf modeling" debut-
The family-
Caleb's awesome sand castle!
Watching the waves- kicking the sand-