Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 months- happiness

Into everything- as much as you can be. You like to be in the mix. 

No more laying around in the car-seat kind of days. No ma'am. You want to be at the table with your brothers and sister.

 You have for sure 'discovered' your tongue. Maybe it helps you concentrate? But you stick it out a lot.

It was about 75 degrees out when we went to pick out our Christmas tree and we ran into Santa. You only tried to pull off his beard once. (ok maybe twice) You just wanted to make sure he was the real deal.

those sparkle eyes.... I am telling you- I am going to have to learn to avoid their special powers- or you are going to get away with a lot of stuff. And your Daddy will go broke.

Last night at dinner you were giving my sweet potato some serious stare down. So I let you try some and you gobbled it up.

You are sitting mostly unassisted. We make sure to have some padding around you to catch you when you face plants.

You can get up on all fours. Crawling will be in your near future.

Sweet as can be. Happy. 

All bundled up in your new beanie hat- you look so serious.

You are cutting your 1st tooth (bottom left) No more toothless grins. I will miss those. You are such a joy- you bring a smile to anyone's face that crosses your path.  A true joy. We love you.

Monday, December 16, 2013

1st tooth-

We found it! A tiny little tooth poking it's way through. You are not very happy about it. It hurts. and it sucks. Poor baby girl.

all snuggled up and ready to head to school. Sleepy girl.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A few days ago- we were talking about favorites. Favorite colors, favorite numbers, etc...

I asked him what his favorite food was- and he was telling me how he likes vegetables. 

hmmm... that's funny. I have NEVER seen him willingly eat one.single.vegetable.

I mean, sure, when he was a baby and I was mashing up all food in sight, I may have got a few down, but ever since he has been feeding himself- not one.

So I asked him
"well what is your favorite vegetable?"

and his response

"My favorite vegetable is strawberries with bacon"

Obviously I am the one with the problem. All these years- I just didn't know. I guess I need to rethink- expand my 'vegetable' category.

Today (11/19/13)- I asked him what he was thankful for. We are having Thanksgiving lunch with  him at his school today. I suggested things like Granny, Sisters, Mom and Dad etc...

But his response

"I am thankful for rocket ships, lunch time, and golf balls"

I am not making this stuff up. I don't know where he gets it- but I LOVE it. 

and a picture of Sissy- just because.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Intro to the Ipad

Big Brother isn't a big fan of sharing his time on the Ipad. 

But looks like there is going to be a new user in town.

Hey! Hold on Sister- don't touch it there! (and you have to hear him say 'there'- it's more like "they-re" he makes it two syllables with his TX draw- SO cute!)

Oh- so funny.

"Mom- Mom look. I am holding her head."

"Mom- Mom look sister is touching the Ipad."

I can see some arguments in our future.... 

and did you notice the super cute matching shirts? A gift from a good friend- they are too cute! Each pocket is embroidered with their initial.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uncle Mike's Big Day!

So these pictures are backwards- ha. We will start with the wedding and work our way back to rehearsal dinner.

what's this stowed away in our suitcase?

*gasp* a boy!

Wedding selfie
We really had a great time at my brother's wedding. What a big day for him and his gorgeous bride.

The bride stole the show- but I have to tell you- there was one other cutie who was stealing a lot of hearts.

I mean- can you just eat this cuteness with a spoon or what?

and her new dress from her Great Granny- too cute!

and this guy made lots of friends too.

my beautiful sister and  her boyfriend

a pouty selfie

1st dance!

me and the Groom

Me and the bride!

Two cuties!

look what we found! Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley- side by side.

We had sparklers at rehearsal dinner- this was a HUGE hit among the kiddos.

A great weekend and great time with family. We can't wait to see them all again soon!

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Just wanted to make note here-

It's official! We have a roller! Video coming soon.

But she has it down- If you lay her on her back- she just flips right on over onto her tummy!

Also- on another note- I have entered the hair fall out stage. Pretty sure you don't want video or pictures of that excitement.

So almost 4 months old- and we are rolling and hair falling outing! it's exciting around here.

Monday, October 7, 2013

She laughed!

Finally- this past weekend while we were in GA at my brother's wedding- she laughed.

Dadddy's tickle did the trick. She did it over and over again. Yay!! Will have to get video of it soon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Where does the time go? (3 month update)

Three months- 12 weeks- it's flown by. I keep thinking maybe time will slow down- just a little bit. But nope.

I feel like you have been in our lives forever- you were meant to be here. And still- at that same time- just 12 weeks old. Just 12 weeks ago- we hadn't met you yet. Just seems crazy to even think of.

You are a happy baby. You barely ever cry- you do like to be help while that person is standing up. We still can't figure out how you know- but you do. As soon as we touch the couch- you will be sure to let us know that you prefer standing. Ha!

When you are hungry you start to suck on your hand. You can almost fit your hold fist in your mouth-

We have started using bottles- because you have also started going to school. You go to the same place as your very proud big brotherK. He sure LOVES his little sister! He is a great big brother and takes his role very seriously. He likes to check in on you and gives you lots of hugs and kisses. Some tickles too.

Sleeping is going ok. You went a few weeks where you would go a 6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night- so only getting up once a night to eat. Then lately you started getting up every 3 hours- maybe a growth spurt?

You are wearing 3M clothes and size 1 diapers. You aren't far from being able to sit up. You want to so bad.  Really you like to stand- your legs are so strong!

You will coo and awww every once in a while, but not too much. And we have yet to hear a good giggle. That is a sound I am very much looking forward to hearing soon!

Bath times are fun. I bet you are going to be a water bug next summer. I can't wait! We are heading to GA for your Uncle Mike's wedding next week and you will get to meet lots of family there for the 1st time- I know you are going to be a big hit. We sure love your smiling face-