Tuesday, February 19, 2013

20 weeks- 1/2 way there!

20 weeks baby #1

you can see the bump-

How far along? 20 weeks- you can tell she's is sitting much higher in my waist.
Body Changes? just a growing belly and growing hair- and nails too!
Sleep: it is what it is. I mostly sleep propped up on my back- but I will flip side to side every once in a while too.
Best moment this week: another ultrasound- always good to see Little Miss- she was fist pumping- just relaxing
Food Cravings: none really- I did eat my share of chocolate and dessert for Valentine's day- eeee- actually I think I ate too much and it made me feel weird.
What I miss: not much. really. I know- boring.
Symptoms: heart burn is returning- but I expected that as I get closer to the 3rd tri- yikes! does shopping for cute stuff online count as a symptom? I think I have 'finger click' symptoms...
OH and let's not forget sciatic nerve- ugh- that is a pain. Sitting in my desk chair seems to bother it the most. I have been sitting with my feet elevated and icing it each night.
What I am looking forward to: feeling more movement. I have felt some- but I thought I would be feeling more by now. So I am waiting.... patiently.... but hurry.
Workouts: still in the gym 4-5 days a week. Combat is getting harder- or I am getting muscle fatigue faster. I can work through the burn- but it is really burning! I keep a close eye on my heart rate monitor and just push on through. I have some great friends working out with me and that's always great motivation!
Milestones: 1/2 way~ pretty crazy- we are on the countDOWN now... still working on K's big boy room. It's really nice that we have all gender neutral stuff (we did that on purpose) and so really the only new stuff we need/ want is a new baby monitor w/ 2 cameras, a new diaper bag, maybe some new crib bedding, and clothes- and that's the fun part!

My Birthday Surprise!

At our 12 week ultrasound the technician saw 'it'

She asked us if we wanted to know. And we did. We SO did.

But we didn't want to find out there- we wanted to find out our own special way. So we had her write it down in an envelope and seal it shut.

I contacted a friend to make some awesome cake balls. She decorated the outsides with pink and blue icing- and then on my bday we decided to do the big reveal and find out if there was pink or blue cake on the inside!

Here you go:

he's showing off because he guess right.

see he's still showing off

It's PINK!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I swear my belly grew a full 2 inches TODAY!

I'm serious.

Just wanted to document that here.

Guess we will all see, 20 week picture coming Monday.