Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days of summer fun!

K's school is so fun! They get to experience so much fun stuff- things I would never think about doing. Music class, splash day fun, painting, making play-doh, art time, story time, you name it- they do it. He has learned sign language, animal noises, and manners-  he's such a good little student.

Music class at school- fun with Mr. Will

Check it out- I can play the drums!

awwww- she loves me.....

wazzz up?

too cool for school-
 you know- just chillin' and doing some art on the playground-

maybe if we hide under here- no one will find us.

how do they get all these kids to be so peaceful all at the sametime?

Splash Day at school! yay!

Let's get wet!

Music with Mr. Will during snack time- yummyumm- lalalalala

K sure loves his teachers and going to school- and I miss not getting to pick him up at the end of the day- but I know his Daddy sure loves that "run to me smile"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is a good day-

Just like Ice Cube says-

Today is a good day.

Only I forgot my AK- oh well-

here's what DID happen-

I made it to my favorite step class and got my butt kicked and The Watch says that I burned 607 calories in an hour- so yes- I remembered to actually start the watch!

Got to celebrate one of my friends birthdays last night- it was a surprise and she LOVED it! (on that note- she got a Watch too- I need to remind her that she has to actually start it to burn calories)

And tonight we are celebrating BigBroC's 11th birthday! With dinner at the Hibachi grill- how fun!

It rained last night- and even though that kept BabyK up part of the night (that part, not so good) it was nice to hear actual rain drops- don't remember the last time we heard those... and we soooo needed it!

It Wednesday- so 1/2 way through the work week- whopwhop!

whatelse- whatelse- whatelse

Oh- I know!!!

I found my camera- yo!

Yea- so stayed tuned for picture upload city! yay! It was in the bottom of the pool bag- go figure. I swear I looked there like a bazillion times- but whatev-

Hope you all are having a fant-ablous day!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excuses are like.... well...

you know- everybody has one...

Yesterday was a Big Ol' Excuse day for me! I will just give you a glimpse into what I was thinking- then you can all think stuff like "wow- she's part crazy" but I know you all will really be like "yup I do the same thing" and then you will all be like "I totally see her point and those aren't really excuses because they are real reasons"

1st yesterday's plan was:
- Grilled chicken and asparagus for dinner
- and I set my day to go to the gym after a 9-10 presentation

Soooo- the presentation ran over- and my Ipod wasn't fully charged- and I had another presentation at 1:00-
New plan- charge Ipod then go to the gym at 2-

Well if I go at 2- then by the time I get home at 3:30ish- that takes up too much of my work day- so- let's just work and then go to class at gym at 4:30.

I even call hubs to confirm that he won't be leaving work until about 4:30- so he won't be home until 5:30- same time as me- and then we can cook dinner and hang.

I call hubs at 4:00 ON MY WAY to the gym- pulling out of the neighborhood- and he has left work!!


we have agreed already-

ugh- well I can't go to the gym and you be coming home... that just won't work.

U-turn. back to the house.

hmmmm.... well now- I haven't left the house all day. (well ok- so I left- but didn't even make it out of the neighborhood- so it doesn't count)

I make the executive decision- to change clothes and meet hubs out for dinner. I mean- since I haven't been out of the house, and I have bunko on Thursday- which would mean that we didn't get our "every other Thurs. night out to dinner" done-

And I can miss one day at the gym right? I mean- I am still sore from Tuesdays butt kicking.

Basically I wore workout clothes all day long- and never made it to the gym. But did make it out for pizza, wings, and beer- oh and spending time with hubs.

remember- these are all very valid real  reasons NOT excuses.... right.


See I told you.

Music Class

How cool is this?

Music class at school- with DRUMS! yay!

and Mr. Will is an actual musician. He plays in bands around Austin- so it's pretty much like a celebrity is teaching my son music! Sometimes it's drums, sometimes the stand up base, guitars, bongos, etc....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer in full swing-

It's been HOT! and we are having a great time. The new job is going great- and we are keeping cool with AC (yikes- the bills!) and swimming pools- and fans- and lots of sunblock.

We have been on the go- so that's why the long delay in posting here- I am going to try and catch back up. And on top of that.... I can't find my stinking camera- ugh! I am sure it's around here somewhere- but... where?

I guess I can always come back and add pictures later- so I am just going to catch you up real quick with *gasp* words- they are little things that are made up by putting letters together- and if my spell check will work right- then hopefully some of these letters will actually make sense! Fingers crossed.

The new job has been going great! I have got my "routine" down and I am being very good about sticking to it and getting lots of work done. Very nice. I try and get out of the house once a day- usually to hit up the gym- but then back to my office and back to work. (oh! and I will have to take some pictures of my office- yay)
The only thing I can say is that- although I have been good about having dinner on the table by the time DaddyC and BabyK get home from work- MUCH easier to do since I get to skip out on the hour commute home just sitting in traffic. But- I find myself wanting to go out to eat more- just to get back out of the house.
And Gracie snores WAY to loud- but if those are my only complaints- and they really aren't even complaints- just realizations... if that's a word- anywhoo- just saying- it's going good.

BigBroC is turning 11 this month- BigSisC is turning- dun dun ta-dun- 13 in August- and BabyK will be 18 months next month-

We have been out to the lake more than once- and really enjoy spending time there. We went back in May with our friends from Lubbock- and then again just a week ago or so- to Lake Conroe with my mom. That is a big lake. We had a great time playing washers, Pip (it's a dice game), laying by the pool, eating crawfish and cooking out. Even rented a boat for a day- good times.

So you can see that I am truth telling- when I say we have been busy. I'm off to find the camera and hopefully can add some pictures soon.