Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gentleman Start Your Engines!

Love race cars? Hmmm... is there a stronger word?

race cars in the shower- they need to get clean too!

Because K LOVES- I mean- really loves race cars.
race cars in the bed-
yes the sleep with him too.

And not just race cars- he loves going fast.

We will be riding in the car and I get a 'Mommy go FASTER' from the backseat...

Who is this kid?

He loves making the vaarrroooooommmmm sounds too.

He likes to line up all of his cars- nice and neat. (do.not. get in the way of this)

ready for the race

Then he will say 'Gentlemen start your engines!'

see the train set?? Still racing his car here-
Then he will race all the cars- one- by - one around in a circle.

make it go mommy!
Then line them back up again.

is this street legal?
Race day.... pfish- forget it.

Daddy and K- sit together- with the surround sounds loud. It's like we are actually there at the races.

even 1st thing in the morning- race cars.
And during commercials- he cries.
not a race car- this is a bus mommy
Latest- we have been watching the IMAX NASCAR Experience- it's actually pretty interesting. I am learning way more than I ever wanted to know about the sport of racing.

THIS is a race car.
 Tractor racing is fun too!

 sooo many cars- and only 2 arms???

race track from Aunt JJ and Uncle Wade

My little racer.