Wednesday, March 21, 2012


SXSW- just one of the manymany things that makes Austin so great. Over 2000 bands over, over a week or so- just music and people everywhere.

I met C for lunch one afternoon- at 11 am- to watch one of my co-workers band. It was packed! At 11am on a Wednesday- bars, streets, everywhere packed! Too fun!

Day 1- we started at Dogwood- to see Deadman.

I have heard a lot about the Brew Exchange- so we had to take advantage of being out and about on a "school day" (one more thing to love about school and daycare) So we headed over between bands to see what it was all about.

 Prices fluctuate like the stock exchange- so if a beer is in high demand- then it costs more. But if no one is drinking it- then you might get a good deal.

out enjoying our day

 We ran into S&T and the Waterloo stage. We saw a really funky band from South Africa. Then a screaming rock band took the stage- not really my style- in fact I was pretty scared of them. So we headed out.

 Back to the Dogwood. oh oh- do you see who that is? LOL- Nakia- from The Voice. We ran into him everywhere.

Time to call it a day- head home, cook dinner and do homework-

Day 2- we had the opportunity to attend the Grammy's Party. yes- like the Grammy Grammys- like the music awards that come on TV party. That was fun! Here is Paul Wall giving his welcoming speech.
 This was at the Four Seasons. Out on the lawn by the river. Weather was great. It was so nice. We were front row- well really there weren't even rows... we were front stage for Josh Abbott Band- love them.


and DJ Spinderella was kicking it up one time!

 Josh Abbott Band taking pictures with Paul Wall.

Then the ah-maz-ing Gary Clark Jr.

I mean- just WOW- this guy can play the guitar. He can sing too.

        we were so close.

us and Josh Abbott.

Day 3- we met up for another leisurely live music lunch hour- no biggie.

Day 4- also St. Patrick's Day! we took the kids to Granny's and enjoyed some fun with friends! We started at Lucy's Fried Chicken- with... well what else... live music, fried chicken- and these fire roasted oysters that were SO good. and we just had to get some deep fried deviled eggs... can you even imagine how healthy those are for you? and they tasted good too!

The girls- how come I am the only one in green? they must have wanted pinches..

 The boys- all in green

 this is a HUGE electronic display that was put up just for SXSW- it was flashing all kinds of messages across it- you can see C posing down there.

interesting marching band- added some excitement to our afternoon. Lead by that guy in the blue and red with the onion head. No idea how he could see out of that thing?

who's behind us? no idea? this party had free beer- but a really bad band. and do you want to know how bad? soooo bad- we had one free beer and left- now that's bad- or we hadn't had enough of the free beer yet.
 Street performers are some of my favorite things to catch at SXSW- this guy was a puppet-tier. He was excellent. This was so cool. He would make that little skeleton sing and dance- grab the microphone and lip sync to all the words. so cool.

 K decided to try her hand at being a jell-o shot girl- I say she has it down!
hmmmmm... not sure.

more street performers. These guys were really good.

All in all- a great week- weekend. Can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

24 month update

I just got to get this update in before I forget! You are on the move these days- saying new words EVERYday!

WEIGHT: 24lbs 2oz
HEIGHT: 33 inches

the broken "tractor"
In fact last night you had a conversation with your Dad on the phone- and you did great. You told him about your race cars (we talk about cars a lot) and a movie and the airplane that we saw- it was so cute.

your smoosh face
For talking- there isn't even a reason for me to list all of the words, songs, numbers, you know- because you know too much. You can count to 10 (you may leave out 6 and 7- but still...) You know your ABC's- tons and tons of songs that you have learned at school. I especially love when you do the chicken dance. You will also repeat- just about anything. So dad is trying to watch his mouth- since you have already picked up a word from him :)

One big thing- you will say please and thank you- UNPROMPTED! You have such nice manners! You will also say I love you, and sorry when you head butt someone- although I am not sure that's an accident.

quit taking my picture mother..
 I think you may grow up to be a DJ or breakdancer- you love to You Tube videos with your dad- then sing and dance away.

Here is your 1st attempt at one of your favorite songs right now- Birthday Dress by Lil Playa- you and your Aunt JJ- love your rappin' skills-

Here are your DJ skills- and you have the fist pump down for sure-

(I still need to upload this one)

Cars, trucks, race cars, tractors, trains, motorcycles, airplanes- things that move- you LOVE. You will organize all your cars in a row- and then if you decide to move somewhere else- you pile as many cars as you can into your arms and carry them around the house. When we go to dinner, or in the car, or anywhere- we take 5-10 cars with us.

get all the cars
You also love computers, phones, electronics. I am pretty sure you know how to program the computer- and play games on our phones better than we do. We just got an Ipad- and from the 1st time you started playing with it- you knew exactly what to do.

movie watching buddy
In fact- you just bought some race car points on your dad's phone that cost $50!!! (or your dad bought them and is blaming this one on you) good thing you are too young to get grounded- or I would definitely be making you pay for that with your own chore money. We better watchout for you!

love the playground!
You do love being outside- slides and running around. You will swing- but they aren't your favorite. On this particular playground trip=- it was too funny. You were up on this platform here and another little girl wanted to come play with you. You looked at her- then growled- I guess she wasn entering your "territory" then stomped your foot. Needless to say- it worked- and she turned and went the other way. Probably not the best strategy for making friends in the future.

yummy yummy pickles
As far as food goes- you are a pretty picky eater. Yogurt, applesauce, sausages, pickles, chicken nuggets, bananas, toast, biscuits, ice cream, cheese- that pretty much sums it up- besides crackers and nutri-grain bars. I keep trying to introduce you to new food- but since you are so smart- you usually call me out on that one.