Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun in the sun (well shade)

This past weekend we took Kash on his 1st trip to the lake! I was so super nervous!!
1. about wearing a bathing suit- whoa!
2. about Kash being in a boat! on the water! yikes!

Soooooo- you can see from the pictures that his life jacket doesn't look so comfy- LOL! He pretty much looks like the turtle that is on the front of his jacket. haha! I assure you he has plenty of room in there to move his head around (at least a little bit) and it's better safe than
Kash and Dr. Jessica

Turns out he loved it! It was pretty cloudy- so that was good- but we still lathered him up with some baby sunblock. (and believe me with a dermatologist on the boat- she makes sure EVERYone is all sunblocked up!)

This is pretty much how Kash spent his 1st boat trip- totally relaxed and passed out! maybe that life jacket
is pretty snuggly in there.
Uncle Wade got in some wake boarding-

And of course Daddy had to get him some too. Cody's 1st time! yaya!! They made it look easy- but don't let it fool you- being at the lake wears  you out! Even just riding in the boat- haha! :)

Cute couples!

What a fun day! We didn't get in the water- Lake Austin is just too cold- brrrr. But I am sure we will this summer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One- Two- Flip!

You may ask- "How could a baby flip out of a boppy?" 
Watch and Learn....

Step 1- reeeeeaaaach for toy over edge of boppy
Step 2-Push UP with legs-

oops- that makes your face go down-
Step 3- Lift off with legs!! woeeeeee....

Step 4- Roll to side

Step 5- FLIP!! my job is done-

Notice how the toy stays in the same place the whole time- LOL! and then the drool spot on the couch- that flipping off must be hard work.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working 9-5

More like 5:00 am - 9:00 pm- right?

So a few ladies have asked me about our morning/ night schedule at home- so I thought what better way to share- than to share here- so here goes... (I thought about taking pictures along the way- but our schedule is pretty tight- and stopping to take pictures would've made us off schedule- and that would not have been good)

*before I even begin with this- let me just say how IMPORTANT it is that this is a team effort. It took us some time to develop our system- it works great for us- but I couldn’t do it alone. Thanks hubby

Alarm goes off at 5:30- me and Cody out of bed at 5:45

Cody goes to the kitchen and gets breakfast ready for the kids, starts bottle warming for Kash, and makes our protein shakes for breakfast and packs kids and adult lunches for the day.

I go to the vanity get ready- make up, hair, and try to decide on outfit for the day. (I swear if I could get better at this- I could probably sleep in about 10 more minutes- haha!)

6:00 am- kids wake up and get dressed and ready then come down for breakfast about (6:15) It’s there “chore” to feed dogs.

I turn off “night time” noises starting at 6:00 and then wake Kash up about 6:15. Change diaper and start bottle. I eat breakfast while Kash is eating breakfast too.

He usually finishes about 6:30- then I get him dressed- then get myself dressed.

6:45- kids are packed up and ready to go- they head to Caleb’s bus stop for the bus to come 6:55- they like to ride bikes there!

6:55- dogs are put away- everyone is loaded, packed, and ready to go and we head out the door.

Get to work at 7:30ish and drop Kash off at daycare. Then it’s just a normal ol’ day at work…….

Tick tock tick tock

4:30- 5:00 Quitting time!! yay!!

Leave work, load up Kash and head to pick up Ciara at school.

Usually get home about 5:45- Kash sleeps

When we get home, I leave Kash asleep in the car seat. Kids usually head outside to play with friends. I make dinner. I know I have to do this fast- because when Kash wakes up it will be bottle time. So while I get dinner ready and I also heat a bottle and wash any dishes that are in the sink. And usually switch out a load of laundry.

6:15ish- dinner is in the oven, laundry is on the couch and Kash is ready for a bottle. So he gets to eat dinner, while ours cooks

6:45- Kash is done, and dinner is almost ready. He sits in his bumpo while I finish up side dishes and get kids inside for dinner time.

7:00- Cody gets home and we eat! Yay!

7:30- kids start showering and finish up homework. (Most homework is done right after school. Before I pick Ciara up and Caleb does his as soon as the bus drops him off at home.)

7:45- Kash’s bath time- while Cody gives Kash a bath, I get bottles ready for the next day, and Kash’s last bottle of the night warmed up

8:00- Kash’s last bottle, he usually finishes about 8:30 and it’s right to bed. While I feed Kash, Cody cleans up the kitchen, gets lunches ready for tomorrow and finishes folding any laundry that needs it.

8:30- Caleb’s bed time

9:00- Ciara’s bed time- and Cody and I usually go to bed too.

And that’s it folks- it’s a tight squeeze- but that’s how we do it. We cook dinner on Monday and Wednesday nights. We have left over’s on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Then on Friday we get to do whatever we want! I have a stash of easy to cook dinners- and that’s what we make. Sunday’s we shop for the week- and that way we are all ready to go! I really do enjoy cooking for the family. And us all sitting down at the dinner table to eat and get to talk about our days.

I have been getting my workouts in at lunch- and I think that’s just the way it works best for me- then I can focus on playing with the kids each evening. Cody and I are going to start alternating gym time on the weekends. For example- if he goes on Saturday, then I will get to go on Sunday. At least we will do that for the next couple of months- since they won’t let Kash go to daycare there until he is 6 months old.

Now enjoy some pictures of Kash at school! He loves his friends and teachers-

Tummy Time smile!

 Cirlce time with friends- they sing songs and have lots of fun!
Kash and his friend Noah
Crunching Rice Krispie treats with their feet- crunch crunch crunch!
Playing with water-

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Just What We Do-

Kash had a blow out last night- all over his bumpo, all over his legs, all in his clothes, and then all over me-

My 1st thought was- "awww sweetie- is your tummy upset? let me pick you up" (that's when I got the poo on me)


Holycraploadofcrap! that's a lot of poo-ewwwww- yuck- how will I get this off me? off him? gross gross gross- what to do? where do I put him down?why is his poo that color? and chunky? barfgagbarf-

LOL! I guess that's what Mom's do-

Of course- that was my 2nd thought :)

And on a side note- Kash is fine! No more blow outs since-