Friday, December 14, 2012

NASCAR (11/12)

Back in November- we went up to the racetrack. I have never been to a NASCAR race before- and neither had K-

 K's Kasey Kahne racecar!

 Dad's just an ol' regular.

We usually spend Sunday afternoons watching the races on TV and the boys really enjoy it all.

Seeing it in person- was even better. We looked at the muscle cars!

We had a great time. We had great seats. Hearing the engines and watching the race- much more interesting to see live. I actually 'got it'- I could understand how strategy plays a part in the whole thing. interesting.... very interesting. We will be back for sure!

Dad's Helper

K loves to help Dad work. Tools- hammers, drills, screw drivers, you name it. He even likes to wear a pencil behind his ear- you know- just like Dad.

He has been pretty handy with the drill for a while. Mostly just making little marks here or there in the wood- or dirt.

I asked him 'whatcha doing?'

'ummm... working mom'

I guess I interrupted- can you tell?

this little stinker actually figured out how to UN-screw the screws! Do you see it?

'look mom- I did it!'

Well now I guess we need to show him how to screw them back in. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Our Thanksgiving this year was pretty uneventful- to say the least.

We usually host a big crowd of family and friends- and this year- it just so happened that everyone had somewhere else to be.

So just the 3 of us for Thanksgiving.

We were lazy.

We didn't even plan.

Not. one. single. plan.

Well- I take that back. We did decide on a menu and went to the store and got all of our food to cook.

But that was about it.

We woke up Thursday morning- had breakfast. Sat on the couch. Played in our PJs. Relaxed.

It was actually pretty nice.

Then when we got ready- we put on actual clothes and started cooking up our feast. Even though it was just the 3 of us- we still cooked like everyone was coming over.

Turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green chili cheesy potatoes, collard green, rolls, cheesy green bean bake, gravy and cranberry sauce, pumpkin roll and chocolate banana bread pudding. We don't mess around.


I even forgot to take pictures of everything. But here is our turkey cooking.

That's the Big Easy- it's a oil- less turkey fryer. Cooks infrared- or some sci-fi stuff like that. Weird right? but ohhhh sooo good!

And K helped us make dessert- by cleaning the mixing bowls

and then we put on our comfy clothes- snuggled up on the couch- watched Megamind- and did nothing. It was great.

We will be all nice and rested to have everyone back in the house next year!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

we started with our Halloween tradition- carving some pumpkins.

K would have nothing to do with the pumpkin guts- every time we pulled out a handful he would say

'mommy that's YUCKY'

working hard

Ta!Da! all done. Mine's the best- right? 

K- had his annual Costume Parade at school. You can tell he's just thrilled.

he makes a pretty cute Popeye!

               That evening we got all ready to go out trick-or-treating.
We have a zombie. And a....a.... hmmm... well not real sure what she is. A hobo nerd with suspenders? She also had some vampire fangs too.

This is pretty much all we saw of K all night long. He got the hang of the whole ringing the doorbell. Um, sorry any one that had a stuck doorbell. (or toddler finger push- you know- just to check and make sure it rang the 1st five or six times.)

he had the sweetest 'Trick or Treat' voice

he would just take one piece of candy- then say the sweetest 'thank you'
and then he was off!

  his bag was so heavy he was dragging it behind him.

you can see holes in his bag here. Eventually a little candy trail followed him home. With those big muscles- that bag must have been really heavy.

yay! candy!

What a night. We had fun- managed to get the kids all dressed up and they manager to score some major candy! We will prob have candy around here forever! maybe I should go eat some.....

happy halloween ya'll!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The back porch

I really can't believe that I haven't posted this yet. It's prob because it feels like we have been working on this stinking porch forEVER- shhh don't tell me husband I said that....

But really- it's been a long time.

April 28, 2012- here is where we started. 

The Goal: back porch sitting area without cleaning out the bank account. AKA- do it yourself back porch. (or better known as- the husbands job)

Good progress the 1st weekend-. I mean- I can actually see things coming together- right?

Looking good!

May 2 2012- all the boards are down- now to pick out a stain color for the wood.

July 18th- so you can see here- the wood is stained. And yes- we have started K on yard duty at a young age. He loves it! so we aren't going to steer him away. And our poor poor pitiful grass- I mean seriously- have you ever seen grass so sad?

Aug 10
WOW-  the grill has been moved over- and we are moving forward with the roof and the pergola

Sept 24th- lookie here! 1/2 of the covered porch is done- and the pergola is finished!

and there's little K doing yard work again- I tell ya- he loves it! 
just in case you are worried- the mower isn't on- he just loves pushing it around the yard.

Sept 30th- we boxed in the cedar posts- and can you see our grass? It came back!! You know what they say 'if you build it- the (grass) will come' right- or something like that.

trimmed the posts- you can see we have been working in between rain storms. We also stained all the posts, pergola, everything so it would look the same.

Oct 3rd- finishing touches. And then there was light! Adds the perfect ambiance (ahhhmmmm- biance) to the back yard. Now to enjoy.

so about eh 7 months give or take- that's a long long project. thanks husband- it's awesome! and getting to be that perfect patio weather- fall in TX- just the right temperature outside to sit and enjoy.

We still have some work to do- but from what he tells me 'it's the easy part'

Next- shingles on the roof. And pavers to cover some of the grass that didn't come back- the a fire pit out on the pavers. But heck- it's going to be a while before it's cold enough here for a fire pit right?? we got time.