Thursday, April 25, 2013

My March Bunko

I hosted Bunko this March! We had a great time- as always. 

I decided to go with an 'Italian' theme....kinda.

All the food turned out great! I didn't win any money- but you know- I guess I can't win every time right?

I made this yummy punch. (minus the alcohol)
 Set aside different types of white wine and flavored vodka to add as mixers. That way the pregnant girls had a fun drink to have too!

For The Spread

These meatball stuffed biscuits we YUM. I got the inspiration here- but didn't get too fancy. I just wrapped a meatball and part of a string cheese inside the biscuit- and baked them. Then served up some marinara sauce on the side for dipping.
Picture below- we had mini caprese salads. Super easy and the presentation was too cute!

I got these new little dessert bowls and have been just itching to make some individual desserts in them! 12 girls in bunko- 12 dessert bowls.... coincidence?? I think not.

This dessert- Italian Bakeless Cake- was VERY good and very easy. Will make again for sure.

These are my own recipe- basil cream cheese stuffed mushrooms. Always a hit- they don't look very pretty- but no worries- they don't last very long.

 For the main dish- in my new pretty casserole baking dish- I did spinach, cheese, and meat stuffed shells. Kind of my own concoction. It's good- and even a little bit good for you! I took inspiration from this recipe and this one too. Combined what I liked about each to make up my own.

Let the games begin. 

Jess is Queen of the selfies- can you tell?
 Great night! Can't wait until my next one!

30 weeks- 10 weeks to go- that's 70 days.....


OMG- for real? I mean really though.

OK- here we go-

Pics side by side- totally a lot bigger this time around. Although weight is not bigger- but my bell-lay looks like it's OUT there.

Baby #1 (boy)

Baby #2 (girl)

How far along? 30 weeks- the countdown is on- I know it's going to go by fast- even though some days go by slow. Overall I know she's going to be here before we know it. I am SO ready to meet her!

Body Changes? Obv- I have a big belly.... haha.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good. I have to go on 2 work trips next month! A little nervous about that- getting through the airport and rude people with a belly in the way- AND then having to sleep in a hotel room. I got an inflatable wedge pillow that I can take in my suitcase and hopefully it will help prop me up in the hotel bed.

Best moment this week: THIS- by far. Look at those chubby cheeks. She looks like her brother and she has a little bit of hair! hehe.

Food Cravings: I am pretty sure what I have is NOT cravings but excuses. Like- well since I am pregnant- and only for about 10 more weeks- I should have another slice of pizza- and maybe just one more cookie- OH and another cupcake... right?

What I miss: Prob going to have to get help shaving the legs now. We do have a bench in our shower and that makes it much easier.

Symptoms: Dry skin (could be the weather?) My multi-tasking skills are at an all time low. And if you knew me- then you know how much I multi- task..... it's been near impossible lately.

What I am looking forward to: a easy relaxing weekend. We have been on the go go go lately with basketball games, our annual crawfish boil, and all that- so a weekend with no plans? why yes please!

Workouts: I am slowing down for sure. Push ups are hard- doctor advised me to lay off ab exercises  core work is ok- but no crunches or anything that isolates the abs. Combat is still my favorite class- trying to fit that in twice a week- along with Boot Camp twice a week- the a workout on my own once a week. Sometimes getting to the gym is the hardest part.

Milestones: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!!! First time around! yayayyaya! what a relief! soooo happy about that.