Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guitar Obsession

You all think I am just kidding about this guitar thing, right?

The kids obsessed- and you know what? I like it. I hope he plays and starts a band and gets famous and he loves it and he takes his mommy out on the road and buys her a private jet and lots of really nice clothes and shoes-

But for now-

still in PJs
electric guitar


playing two guitars at the same time!

everyone needs a little shirtless guitar playing- that's rockstar!

electric guitar on the couch

showing big brother how it's done

1st thing in the morning- again still in his PJs
stand up guitar playing

playing for the dogs

So I went all the way back to June and there are no guitar pictures- so it must have been in August when he fell in love with the guitar. I would like to take credit- but I will have to give it to his music teacher Mr. Will.
And the sad thing- at K's new school they don't have music class anymore- so maybe I just need to find a new school that does.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Justin Bieber eat your heart out

I have to hide the camera- or he won't "perform"

so after that's he's all ready to go- check this out-


on the road to being famous-

That's Right

do you see that? That's right!!! Rest to recover-  The Watch actually gave me a day off!!

that may or may not be due to me accidentally forgetting to push the stop button- so The Watch thinks I worked out for 12 straight hours.....

just saying....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


enjoy today

enjoy chores, cooking, cleaning, driving around, helping with homework, hugging your little ones, kissing your loved ones..

enjoy it for those that aren't here to.

God Bless America

and God Bless our fallen heroes from 9/11

and our heroes that have fallen since then in honor of protecting America.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our sweet little one-

Tomato that is. Did I tell ya'll that we were growing a tomato? Actually we were trying to grow a salsa garden. We did the whole Topsy Turvy thing.

Let me back up just a bit. I inherited my mother's green thumb. and her thumb isn't very green. More like dry and brown. She has trouble keeping cactus alive.

So anywhoo- we get the Topsy Turvy because it's like a no fail thing, right? I mean- you just hang it up and leave it be and magical tomatoes and jalapenos and peppers just grow until their little hot hearts desires.

Like this-

WRONG!! wrongwrongwrong...

I am here to tell you. That's just NOT how it works.

1st of all- the Topsy Turvy things DO NOT EVEN COME WITH TOMATOES!!!!
no pepper seeds, no soil, nada.

they are just bags with a hangy thingy.

why?why?why? could I have not invented bags with hangy thingys and been a bazillionaire?

So after you unwrap said hanging baggie things (at least they were on sale for a $1- and now I know why)
anyhow- you unwrap and get it hanging. Then you realize that there aren't embedded little seeds in the paper or anything- so you then have to go back to the store to buy seeds and soil and fertilizer.
Then you come back home and stuff your upside down baggie- because you want your new salsa garden to be the sizzle! I mean- what if we make the bestest badest salsa around- and then we get to be bazillionaires from selling salsa?? it could happen.


All that work- all those dreams- all that stuffing and growing and fertilizing and singing to the plants and reading stories and trips back and forth to the store and hanging baggies upside down and watering- and do you know how expensive water is in Texas???

all that work and all we got was this-

one little tomato.

it may look big here- but I assure you- it's only about the size of a golf ball-
well maybe a tiny bit bigger

so we whipped up some biscuits and gravy and made that tomato proud. It was delicious!
and as far as our peppers go- we had lots of blooms but only got about 4 peppers- they weren't even picture worthy. booo.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It came- it went- goodbye week-

We avoided it and avoided it- but the time has come for K's last week at his school.  I wish we could keep him where he is- but locationally (not sure if that's a word- but) anyhow- it's taking me an hour and half round trip each morning and each afternoon!! crazy! So although I can't say I will miss that- I sure will miss all of his sweet sweet teachers- and I am sure K is going to miss all his friends.

These ladies have taken care of me and babyK since he was just 12 weeks old. They have listened to me babble on- and they have taught us both about feeding, sleeping, schedules, etc..

We have learned sign language and Spanish, songs, instruments and dancing- painting, sculpting, singing, you name it!!

So this week was the week! He started his brand new school- and it's hard. FOR ME. K didn't even bat an eye. and I know this is a good thing- but I was sad. I mean- I didn't go in and laugh and joke with the teachers- I didn't get to sit down and make fun of husbands and kids and weekends etc... 

Oh me Oh my- what's a mom to do?

Answers and Questions

I like to think I know a lot. Or maybe I don't know a lot- but I can find the answers that I am looking for if I need to. Research. Google. Friends. etc...

But lately I feel like there are too many answers that I don't know- I can't look up- I have no explanation for.

Why did K's classmate have to loose her Daddy this week? She's not even two yet. My heart aches for her and her mom.
Why did this car accident have to happen? What's the deal with these central TX fires? Why did so many lose their homes?
And just a few days away from the 10 year anniversary of Sept. 11th- why?
And on a totally different note- the kids- they ask so many questions- how do I answer?
where is my parent manual? You mean- these kids don't come with instructions?



I mean changing diapers and warming bottles- I can handle-

 but this teenager business has got my brain all muddled up. I mean- I can remember being an actual teen, I think, right?

It doesn't matter.
Because it's all different now.

These kids- these days..
The same way it was different when I was a teen- the same as when my mom was a teen.
Parents just don't understand

So my brain is on overload- I am turning to my old faithfuls
Google, Internet friends, Blogs, and Real life friends-

Sometimes "I don't know" is the best answer. it's the true answer.
why would you do that? why would you say that? what now?


this is real parenting stuff- makes me feel like my mom and dad. I know when they were telling me back then- what it would all mean now-


Now- oh now- oh yea- I can see what they meant. I can feel for them- I can see what I put them through. I know where that wrinkle came from. But how do you get that through to your kids now?


How can you explain to them- that in this day and age (geesh that's sounds old) but with all the new techie stuff- you can't just throw away 8th grade love letters and gossip notes-
oh no-
there's evidence- tied to your name forever. and just one little mistake now- is attached to you forever. means words can be blasted to millions in a matter of seconds- and there is no delete button.
and it's unreal how cruel kids can be to each other.

This was cracking me up today- so I will leave you with this- at least I'm not that old....