Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Things Hard to do With a Belly

With a belly- some things are just harder to do- so here are a few that stick out to me:

1. tying your shoes
2. shaving your legs
3. rolling like a ball (Pilates thing)
4. putting down the Baskin Robbins cookies-n- cream.... I know, I know- this really doesn't have to do with having a belly- BUT- when there is someone IN your belly wanting ice cream- the you pretty much have to do what they say- it's a fact- I have personally checked it out...
5. laying on your stomach
6. not spilling stuff on yourself (belly + condiments = love)
7. buttoning your pants
8. painting your toenails (pedicures! yay!)
9. pretty much any and everything that involves bending over
10. squeezing between things- like behind chairs next to the wall, or in between our kitchen table and the wall- it's an art- you have to tuck the bootie, then lift the belly....

So that's just to name a few. I am sure there are more things that I can't think of right now- but maybe I will add to the list as the belly gets bigger and gets a mind of its own.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Showers, Tail Gates, and Birthday Parties Oh MY!

We started our weekend out busy, busy, busy.... We woke up and headed to the gym- and then home to get ready for our friends Christi and Scott Tailgate Wedding Shower. What a great idea! It was at Iron Cactus downtown, and decorated with Longhorn and Red Raider stuff everywhere. We had fun nibbling on some yummy appetizers and sipping on some cold beer (O'Doul's for me)- that's what football is all about, right?

Then we left there and headed out to tailgate with the fans! It was CRAZY crowded! but fun- For sure some fun people watching. I guess that is a sign of getting older- when you start making fun of what the college girls are wearing.... Miley Cyrus watchout! (although when me and my friends wore stuff like that- we looked WAY cuter!) And let's not leave out the Red Raider Pirates that we saw- complete with hats, beards, and swords too!

Anyhow- we left there and headed out for our friend Jacques' b-day party at Cover3 and to watch the game! We knew what Jacques really wanted for his b-day, even though he was afraid to admit it- but that's what good friends are for!
hmmm.... wonder what's in the package?? (notice Cody's nice gift wrapping job)
Oh- my!! Just what I wanted!! How did you know?

Fits perfect! (I bet he ended up wearing that at the end of the night too...)

It was over all a great day- the Longhorns won!! yay!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Collins

Way to go Allyson! Her and her husband Jason, got to meet their new bundle of joy Saturday night! He was born at 6:53 pm, Sept. 19, weighing 7 lbs, 8 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.

Just look at how sweet his face is- I can't wait to meet this cutie! Congratulations!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

24 weeks- V-DAY!

How far along? 24 weeks- duh! That's 6 months- that's 16 weeks left to go! WOW! Time is moving fast. Oh you maybe wondering what is V-Day- it's referring to the point of Viability- that means that after 24 weeks the baby has a chance of surviving on the outside- of course each week that CJ can "cook" he gets healthier and stronger- so don't get any ideas little boy! You still have some time to go!

Total Weight Gain/ Loss: ummmm.... see here's the thing- my doctor only tells me that I am good- that's it- I don't really know a number amount on the total weight gain- and believe me- there has been some.

Body Changes: my skin feels like it is SuperDuper tight- like it's almost hard to sit up straight because I feel like I will split my middle open. Also, my little footsies can't handle heels- or standing up- or walking for a whole lot of time/ distance.

Sleep: I toss, I turn, I pee, I think, CJ wakes up- he tosses, he turns.... it's all night like that. But we got a new memory foam mattress pad and it is the BEST!

Gender: BOY! CJ is what we are calling him for now- for Cody Junior

Food Cravings: none really- but I can blame my wanting a Baskin Robbins Cookies and Cream scoop on my cravings... right?

What I miss: at the time I can't think of anything... I am sure I can come up with something...

Symptoms: kicks and punches coming from the inside- rolls, flips, you name it! There is probably a trampoline and a trapeze swing in my belly. He must have the same ESP that his mom has- I think he can sense that we are talking about him- he performing right now! (BTW- headaches are gone- yay!)

What I am looking forward to: My friend Allyson is going to deliver any day now- OMG- I am so excited for her. I can't wait to meet her little man. I get to be her designated driver- how fun! I told her that I think I could watch a video on how to deliver the baby at her house if she wanted me to.... between my mom and I- we could deliver the baby just fine! haha!

Bunko Thursday night!

We are also going to our friends, Christi and Scott's tailgate wedding shower this weekend- how fun! what a great idea for a shower!

Milestones: we ordered our crib bedding and got that in- started packing up the house- and this weekend is the UT vs TX Tech football game. It's going to be fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pike Wedding

Coming down the asile! (my lense didn't even open up all the way- ugh! supid camera)

We had the pleasure of attending our friends wedding this past weekend. You all know how I love love love weddings! It was beautiful! I have known this couple from the day that they met. I started thinking of the past 5 years of their "courtship" there have definitely been some fun times! I was happy to share their day with them and thought I would share it with you all too.

Some of my favorite things were:

- they were married by one of Josh's old frat brothers (who is a minister) so he brought a very personal touch to the vows. He also had each of them write letters to each other. Then he read some of that out loud- so funny and touching! Of course I cried.

- they had stemless martini glasses as give-a-ways, that had different drink recipes in them- cute!

-Miranda Dodson was the vocalist at the church and WOW- she was great! Just her and her guitar on stage- very touching. Her voice was so soothing and powerful at the same time- if you get a chance to check her out around Austin- do so!

- the red and blue color scheme was very sheik- love it! Centerpieces were great!

- oh- the food! Prime Rib, a mashed potato bar, fresh salads, veggies, fruit, and cheese, excellent! and then the red velvet cake (that's the only one I tried) was very yummy! Oh- they also topped off their night with milkshake martinis- yum. Check out that rack of meat!

I took some pictures- of course- they don't even begin to do the bride justice. I really do need a new camera (hint, hint) The whole wedding party looked fab-

I did however make one mistake..... I wore heels. *gasp* NO pregnant woman should be subjected to that kind of pain EVER! My feet throbbed for days. I mean- I wanted to be cute and stylish- and it just so happened that the shoes that looked best with my skirt and top were my high heel boots. I mean- we all make sacrifices for beauty.... right?? Well- I for one will not be making that mistake again. I may give my wedges a try- but NO more heels. Good thing I have such an amazing husband that he rubs my feet and takes good care of me! love you sweet man!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I didn't know I was pregnant....

Really? I mean.... really?

Have you seen this show? It's usually about some girl that doesn't have a clue what's going on and then goes to the bathroom and poops out a baby... or something similar.

and of course- she had NO idea she was pregnant for the last nine months.

one girl chalked up morning sickness to hangovers from partying with her friends, and weight gain to the freshman 15 that you get when you are in college.... (no worries.... her baby was born totally healthy.... in a toilet- but healthy)

So you start by over looking the missed period. hmmmm.... are you having sex? with someone of the opposite sex? are you on birth control? I know girls who freak out if they are ONE day late with their period...

BUT OK- so you miss your period...hey it happens.

So next- there is the morning sickness, sore boobs, and the overall feeling that you are SO tired you could fall asleep in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any given second. Not to mention your hair and nails growing like crazy! .

BUT hey! Maybe you drink lots of milk...maybe just maybe you stayed up late the night before (for 3 consecutive months) maybe you are lucky and have no morning sickness, or maybe you have been partying pretty hard or think you have a long lingering case of some sort of weird flu? who knows....

Then at some point I would assume you would start to get a belly- gain weight.

Not sure you could get by solely blaming this one on the freshman 15.... I don't know about you- but my freshman 15 did not just congregate in the cute pregnant tummy way... OH NO- the butt, hips, and thighs got plenty of that action! So once the weight starts to center itself in that pregnant tummy way.... you may have some explaining to do.

BUT- let's just say that you don't gain much weight, or that you have a little weight to begin with so you aren't seeing the belly starting to form. Let's just say....

So what about movement? No that's not gas.... that's a full on punch in the stomach. Coming from the INSIDE! Don't you think you would begin to question that?

And then the contractions- that's when most girls think their appendix busted or that they have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad-
Most head to the hospital where they not only learn they are pregnant- but in labor too! Can you imagine....

Doctor: "Good news ma'am. Your appendix is fine!"
You: "oh good! Then what's wrong"
Doctor: "Well it looks like you are pregnant!"
You: "WHAT- but how? when? how far along?"
Doctor: "And you are in labor"

I am pretty sure that I would have lost all control of my bodily functions and passed out at that point. Or looked around for cameras and wondered how on Earth did they get me this good on an episode of Punked.

Although I am just not sure I would have ever gotten to that point in the first place. I mean- you have to be in some serious denial to not notice, to not even think, of the thought, the tiniest little inkling of being pregnant to not cross your mind for NINE whole months. A few- yea maybe. BUT NINE.... WOW-

Check out the show if you don't believe me. Some of these women's stories are pretty convincing... and the doctors back them up all the way.

My suggestion- if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms... pee on a stick- maybe 4 or 5 of them.