Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 months- happiness

Into everything- as much as you can be. You like to be in the mix. 

No more laying around in the car-seat kind of days. No ma'am. You want to be at the table with your brothers and sister.

 You have for sure 'discovered' your tongue. Maybe it helps you concentrate? But you stick it out a lot.

It was about 75 degrees out when we went to pick out our Christmas tree and we ran into Santa. You only tried to pull off his beard once. (ok maybe twice) You just wanted to make sure he was the real deal.

those sparkle eyes.... I am telling you- I am going to have to learn to avoid their special powers- or you are going to get away with a lot of stuff. And your Daddy will go broke.

Last night at dinner you were giving my sweet potato some serious stare down. So I let you try some and you gobbled it up.

You are sitting mostly unassisted. We make sure to have some padding around you to catch you when you face plants.

You can get up on all fours. Crawling will be in your near future.

Sweet as can be. Happy. 

All bundled up in your new beanie hat- you look so serious.

You are cutting your 1st tooth (bottom left) No more toothless grins. I will miss those. You are such a joy- you bring a smile to anyone's face that crosses your path.  A true joy. We love you.

Monday, December 16, 2013

1st tooth-

We found it! A tiny little tooth poking it's way through. You are not very happy about it. It hurts. and it sucks. Poor baby girl.

all snuggled up and ready to head to school. Sleepy girl.