Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the "Official" 9 month stats- and a little bit of rambles too....

Just wanted to get these down before I forgot-

my little man Oct. 22, 2010

Weight: 17 lbs...... 5%
Height 27.5 in......25%
Head 46.3...........75% whew look at that!!

OH and guess what??? guess~

my camera is ready!! yipeee!! so then I can start posting some new pictures and videos- yay!

But for now- I will leave you with these- we went to Larissa's baby shower this past weekend.. She looks great and is having the first GIRL!! She's going to be popular!

Kash playing out in the grass
Giving his pouty lip-

The Brooks family got her these super super cute bloomers- I loooooove them! If you ever need a great baby shower gift- check out this site- Ritzy Rugrats- they have super cute stuff and they are so nice and easy to work with.
bloomers for Kensley

Since all the sudden everyone is having girls around here- I also ordered these bloomers for upcoming showers- aren't they cute?? 
Lady bug/ TX Tech colors for Landry

GO Longhorns for Harper!
I also ordered Kash a super cute beanie- and now that I have my camera- I will be able to post a picture of it too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

9 months- 36 weeks- 252 days-

Need I say more? (*so bad news- my camera is in the shop.... dropped it in Mexico- guess that's what  happens- I knew I should've been wearing my wrist strap! Anyhow- it was covered and is getting fixed as we speak type- so pictures will be up soon!) I have some pictures that they took at school- so they will just have to do for now...

SIZE- still the same actually. Close to 20 lbs- still wearing his 6-9 month clothing-

Playing with water
NEW MOVES- not sure- but I would imagine that he is pretty close to walking.... don't hold me to that- and I sure am not wanting him to get to walking too fast. He's already ALL over the place. He loves getting around in his walker- and BOY he can move in that thing! and he can terrorize the dogs too. We have been taking it outside since the weather has been SOOO nice! anyhow- he runs up and down the street in his walker- he can cruise! But we need to get him some "official" shoes. I have some soft soled shoes and he wore those out- so we put some heavy duty rubber bottomed socks on him- and he wore holes in those and got a blister on his big toe- awwww his 1st owie. Although he didn't seem to mind-
Making Halloween pumpkins! or eating orange pudding.... whatever you want to call it

playing on his "laptop" that's what we call this toy- he LOVES it!

Going for a buggy ride just FYI- the boy next to Kash is almost 2 months YOUNGER!!!
  YUMMY FOODS- we haven't added too much in the food department. Plums would be our newest addition and he really likes those! Other than that- still mixing and matching all the other fruits and veggies.

Daddy surprised us and came to music class!!

SLEEPING- still downstairs with us- but this weekend we are lowering the crib- so it won't be long before he will be upstairs all by himself- what a big boy! (now if us parents can just be big boys and girls too)

What? sleep? do I have to?
WORDS- ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh He likes to look up at the lights or fans and we can say "woooooow" and he will say "owwwwwoooo" He also likes to make Indian noises with his mouth- or really he just likes to ahhhhh and then have me move my hand over his mouth to make the noise. And even though this isn't a word- we are pretty sure he has figured out how to shake his head no. One night in the bath- he just sat there shaking his head back-n-forth, no- no- no..... and now- when he doesn't want food- we get a head shake. When he doesn't want to go in his car seat- yup- a head shake.

BEST MOMENTS- We went on our 1st trip away. Just 3 nights- but still. I was very very happy to be home. I am pretty sure that Kash just had a fun o' time with Granny- and he was totally in awe of all the people in the airport- but he didn't even crack a smile when we saw him.... oh well..... surely he missed us.... right???? RIGHT!?
he loves popping that pop corn!

FAVORITE THINGS- lights, fans, door stops, banging on the walls, balls, and his Monkey- LOVES his sock  monkey. Squeezing into tiny places that he's not suppose to go- but he will try. He's such a flirt- he likes just about everyone. Smiles a lot- and brightens your day.
Does NOT like- diaper changes, getting in the car seat, getting in his high chair, or anything that requires him sitting still for very long. I don't think he likes grass very much. He makes a funny face when I put him in it. Lately with the nice weather we have been taking a blanket outside and sitting- and he will crawl to the left- over to the right- up top- down to the bottom- but will NOT crawl off the blanket into the grass. LOL! He just stops right at the edge.

We are beginning to think of 1st birthday ideas- and I am getting really excited about the holiday season! Our 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas- followed by his 1st birthday- lots of events and fun ahead!

Viva la Mexico!!!

aiaiaiaiaiiiiiiyaiii- Hola! We are back from B-E-A-U-tiful Playa del Carmen. What a great time! Our friends A&J got married and husband and I got to spend a tiny bit of quality time together. We were soooo busy- traveling, running around here, playing flip cup there, rehearsal dinner, laying on the beach, cllimbing palm trees, oh- and a wedding!

It was fabalous- we laughed a LOT- had a great time and it was very special that we were there to witness two great friends get married!

At the Houston Airport
soooo- Charlie- our "new best friend" was bringing us all these little small drinks??? and he didn't even charge us! Those bartenders LOVED us in Mexico!  They must have thought we were famous or something- beacuse they never made us pay for anything!

See Jess back there yelling "Hey Charlie- keep those coming!" LOL- and he did-

See what happens after you have about 100000000bizzzlion of thoes tiny little drinks??
This is the newlywed's 2 story suite!! hot tub out on the deck- watchout!

The beautiful beach- oh- and some girl shaking her butt.....
day 2- girls out by the pool-
THE Infamous Game of Flip Cup- the girls were champs!! unbeatable- it was crazy! Those boys didn't stand a chance- we won every. single. game.

Flip cup loosers...

Rehearsal Dinner

Bride and Groom

The boy's table-

The girl's table

Wedding day!
 Now onto the professional pictures- Matt Montalvo- who was our wedding photographer- is AWESOME- I mean- this guy..... WOW- just check out the pictures- and if you need him make sure to tell him that I sent you his way!

See- I told you- awesome!

A&J- cheers- here is to a life filled with happiness! We really had a great time- just a perfect little get-a-way with friends- and before I forget- just let me scribble down some of my favorite memories from the trip- they probably won't make sense to the innocent- but if you were there- then YOU KNOW- and if you want to know- just ask me and i'll fill you in on the story- LOL!!

- "1st off- I need a man who's going to play flippy cup with me"
-"Do you need a man?" "I need a man!" -one armed woman-
- "1, 2- ehhh 10"
-the beach party- palm tree climbing, sand dancing, Greg falling off the ledge, Kelly's speaker placement, carrying drinks to the beach, Jess and Kelly falling down, those nasty micor-wave hamburgers, Kelly waiting for her hotdog, Alicia's dance moves,
-"You order 5 beers and 5 Miami- vices too?? Man we are going to have a lot of drinks"
- Green Speckled Frogs and Ojo Rojos
-"We just need like 14 more beers"

and last but not least.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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I just can't decide!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stock the Bar

*I have been meaning to post this FORever- I wrote it a long time ago- but yada yada- excuses excuses- anyhow- here you go!*

Love it in the air! Between now and the 1st weekend in November- Cody and I have 3 weddings to attend. We couldn't be happier for all of our friends tying the knot. We kicked off Korry and Carlos's wedding celebration this past weekend with a Stock the Bar Shower! We had a blast!

I tried to document the preparation of the night- but didn't take many pictures as the night went on- darn! But I know that Korry did! So hopefully I can add her pictures soon.

soooo- on the note of preparation- I learned a few things. Like- I need help :) and THANK YOU husband for helping me! I know it's probably not your favorite thing to do- but you did a fantastic job! I on the other hand- love it! Love getting a lot little stressed and making the all the details and then wa- la- sparkles and glitter- it all comes together and you see the finished product!

So here is the"before" picture- I was mapping out how I wanted to set everything up- yes- I even drew a diagram.... that's right- I'm weird like that!

I made the signs using scrapbook paper- printed and then cut out the letters- and then hung them up on a string- I was very happy with the way these turned out-

The groom-

The bride

Thier present-
I tried to do a whole "black and white with some color splash theme" LOL! that's a lot to say...

Prizes for games-

Now the cooking begins! We did "bar food"- I mean- it is a Stock the Bar party- right...
Here are some ingredients

more stuff- important stuff...

still... more stuff...

The cutest helper! or company keeper- he didn't help much- but he's great company-

Table #1

We had sliders-

Twice stuffed baked potatoes- or are the Stuffed twice baked potatoes? Either way- I only stuffed them once- but I guess I cooked them twice...

Cilantro butter corn on the cob

Hot wings!! yummy! We did Buffalo Hot and a Garlic Teriyaki

Table #2

We had a cheese/ pickles/ olives/ cucumber and dip tray-

yummmm- some cherry tomatoes with basil and mozzarella drizzled in balsamic vinegar

Everyone favorite- stuffed mushrooms-

some cheddar cheese jalapeno sausages-

awwww.... Carlos and Korry the perfect pair~! That was for our Pear Martinis-

We used this V5 Vodka- although the Groom kept "forgetting" the pear part of the drink..

We made sure to be fully stocked of the
Bride drink of choice- Pear Cider
and the Grooms drink of choice- Guinness

and we can't forget dessert!

The Groom and his Best Man-

End of the night fun!! funfunfun!

We had a blast! the shower was a hit- I can't wait- just a few more weeks until wedding time! Congrats Korry and Carlos- The Brooks family is very  happy for you and we are happy that we had the chance to celebrate such a special time in your lives!!