Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some many things to be thankful for-

oops- a little bit behind on getting this Thanksgiving post out- but what are great time we had! Of course- in true Thanksgiving fashion- we had WAY to much food and ate WAY too much- but that's what it's all about- right?
This is our appetizer spread- yes we had food- before the food.

Papa came into town and he and K just had SO much fun. They played "band" -they are really good. Carlos and Korry also joined in for the festivities- and boy are we glad they did! Yummy! Korry is such a great cook- and she is really good at Trivia Pursuit! and so is Cody-ugh! I hate to admit it but.... shhhhh don't tell him I said that.

 K had fun playing in- and I mean actually IN his toy box-

 check out those teeth! 

 K's 1st Thanksgiving meal- some dressing, stuffing (and yes- there is a difference- and yes we had both), some sweet potato casserole, and of course dessert! Some Pumpkin Gooey Cake-

He loved it all! Especially the Pumpkin Gooey Cake!

All in all it was a great weekend- we did some shopping, some running around, and mostly did some relaxing- it was great! Can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am sure he could hear/ understand me if I talked in a lower tone- BUT you never know! and why take the chance? LOL!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What did you say?

Sorry- I realized last night that I just rambled through that 10 month update and just casually rolled over the fact that Kash is now WALKING!

Oh yea- it's really happening-

He does a Frankenstein/ Yoda/ penguin/ waddle walk- but it's on 2 feet- and he's moving.

And remember how when he 1st started laughing? how I could never get that laugh on video? well.... this is pretty much like that too.
As soon as the camera comes out- all the sudden both legs just turn to jello and they forget all that they have learned. In fact, this gives me a thought. If I want to keep him from walking- I could just keep a camera crew around and he will crawl forever!! mwahahhaahahahah (that's my evil laugh)

but really... I'm just kidding.

On another note- Caleb busted another funny this week! that kiddo-

We were watching TV and Wheel of Fortune was on- they had all service men playing and Caleb says-

"hmm they must have them on in honor of Veterinarian's Day"

what are we teaching these kids? LOL!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 months-

Ten months has come and gone- whooosh! Just like that! And at the close of the 2010 holiday season- this little man will be turning 1 years old.  We have all kinds of fun stuff to report on this update! K is moving all over- into everything- up on- in to- under- you name it- he is like an explorer on new land- check out what he's getting into:

Looking cute!

Rocks and dirt-

Pebbles- wow- can I eat these?

Daddy's tools- and getting oil on his face- Oh and balls too! Loves loves to throw balls!

all "real men" get dirty when they work on cars... right Dad?

Telephones- it's pretty funny because he will actually pick up the phone and put it to his ear- he can almost even say "hello"

hello? is anybody there? oh and GO DAWGS!

The entertainment center and turning the cable box off and on-

must. open. door.

 hanging out under the table- that's his "Man Cave" only Kash and Gracie allowed

Hi- welcome to my Man Cave

ummmm.. this is the VIP section- what are you doing here?

and he has discovered the stairs- great! He loves climbing up them-
and isn't afraid to try and climb fall down them.

and computers- or folders- or anything else he can get into and pull out-

SIZE: pretty much the same- I still think he is under 20 lbs. and he is still wearing 6-9 month clothing. But he can also wear some bigger sizes- but he can also still wear some smaller sizes- LOL!!

NEW MOVES: Well he loves to hang out under the table- he will walk between chairs, and speaking of walking- I think the most we've counted so far is 8 steps!!! He has also figured out how to crawl out of his walker- so time to put that away! He can push his walker while walking behind it.
He's also blowing the sweetest kisses ever! with big o' smacking sounds! LOVE IT! He can wave bye bye and will say "Oh" if he sees something he likes. Not sure if I have mentioned before how he points up- but if you are holding him- and he tells you to look up- and you don't- he will grab your chin and make you look up!

YUMMY FOODS: chicken spaghetti, oatmeal, eggs, cinnamon toast, and all the other fruits and veggies- he still eats everything "mushed" up- not feeding himself yet- but since he can get pebbles and dirt in his mouth- I am pretty sure it won't be too long before he can get food in there too- LOL!

SLEEP: same- not much to say here. We have lowered the crib- so at least that is the 1st step.

WORDS: ahhhh after drinks, mwah!, babble, Kash can also sign more, all done, and milk. We are working on animal sounds.

BEST MOMENTS: I just can't get enough of the blowing kisses- it's the best! I have decided on a birthday theme- and actually ordered the invitations! It's a little emotional- which surprised me- but with the walking and the growing and the turning one- it's a lot!

FAVORITE THINGS: cell phones, house phones, remotes, computers, key pads, trees, birds, banging on things, loves his new blankie (thanks Zan!) He does not like diaper changes, long car rides, sitting still, having something taken away from him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook warning-

So I am behind on my posts because we have been so consumed in having our life violated by some creep on Facebook.

1st let me give you the quick rundown:

ok- So Friday night Cody gets an email from a girl- Kylie- she tells us that she met a guy- Zakariah Williams on dating site- WooMe- she becomes friends with him on FB. He is a divorced father of 3 kids, Caleb 10yr, Callie 12 yr, and Caden 11mo. She becomes suspicious of him because he won't talk to her on the phone or with webcam. She begins to "investigate" him. She notices in a picture that there are family photos hanging on the wall- upon further inspection- she see that some of them are our wedding photos. (although she didn't know it at the time- just that this guy was in photos with a girl- so she suspected him of cheating on his wife)

Anyhow- time goes by. He then posts pictures of himself at a wedding that Cody was a groomsmen in. He posts the Professional photos pictures- so she sees the photographers name at the bottom of the pictures and goes to Matt Montalvo's FB page. Looks through the pictures and see that the photos are tagged with "Cody" not "Zak Williams"

That is what prompted her to contact Cody. At that point this guy ZaK's FB wall was not private. So when we went to look at his wall- there is Kash's picture- as Caden. Ciara's picture as Callie, and Caleb's picture.
It was REALLY strange- just everyday postings like "oh Caden spilt his milk this morning" or a picture of Caleb on his birthday this year and a post "Happy birthday son- to the best son a Dad could ask for- I love you"

Creepy stuff-
We could not view all of his photos- but this girl Kylie has been really helpful. She "print screen" a lot of the photos for us- and she emailed me all that info.

His dating profile picture on WooMe is of Cody and Kash too-
and it looks like now he has deleted his FB account. So now I am sure he will just make up a new name- with Cody's and the kids pictures- SCARY!!!

So if there is a lesson to be learned- here are somethings I have learned:

- it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact a real live person at Facebook- Cody went down to the Austin office and we couldn't even speak to someone there. He was instructed to write our complaint down on a piece of paper and the security guard said he would turn it in.

- Facebook is not NEAR as secure as you think it is. If you have ever taken a quiz, clicked on something like "who's your celebrity crush?" or "what your birthday means",  "liked" anything, played any games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc... then you are automatically granting access to your personal information. The FB applications DO NOT follow the same security settings as the rest of your FB account.

- if you post pictures on FB- even if you post them with "friends only" they are out on the Internet- and if someone can access them- then they are public information. period. Even if they have stolen and used them without your permission. IN FACT- FB has decided to sell 3rd party vendors pictures that are posted on FB. So if you upload a picture to FB- you are in a round-a-bout-way also giving them permission to sell your imagine to any 3rd party vendor of their choosing.

- if you are a single woman, man- or have kids using FB. Then you should be so super duper extremely careful about who you become "friends" with. All you have to have to open a FB account- is an email address. Which you can make up pretty easily at gmail- so really- anyone on FB can be anybody. Your daughters "crush" could be an old nasty man. Or the man that you want to go on a date with probably doesn't look like my husband- and could be some creepy creepster- so be careful.

Now I hope that this is some stupid joke that some young kids were doing just to be funny- but let's face it- there are some CRAZIES out there. And even if this is some harmless joke- it still goes to show how easily your personal information can be stolen. Let's just hope the next woman that this guy comes in contact with is as smart as this Kylie girl was-
or- if you happen to see me kids or my husband's photo out there on any dating sites- please let me know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holidays, birthdays, and more- OhMy!

So- believe it or not- we are coming up on the holiday season. Yup- it's not summer anymore ya'll.... crazy I know.

I think what happens in Texas is that we don't believe that the holiday season is coming until it starts to get cool/ cold outside. So when it's still hitting 90 in mid- October- all of us Texans are like "Nope- no holidays around here" and then we're like "Why are they putting out Halloween stuff? Thanksgiving stuff? and what's with all the winter clothes everywhere"

"Wait? What? It's October all ready- OMG- you mean November???" what happened....

anyhow- that's my theory.

So that also means that I get to start thinking about Kash's 1st birthday party- and how it can't interfere with mine- I mean- how we can have 2 separate parties that are both a lot of fun! right? One adult- and one kiddo.

Ideas... ideas... ideas.... I have been throwing around ideas for Kash- maybe a carnival theme- or what about a airplane pilot theme? or maybe just maybe a winter 'one'derland theme..... *sigh* what to do- what to do-
OH- I know- I can ask for help and suggestions from all of you guys and gals!!! Tell me tell me- what do you think??

Here is some background info:
Kash isn't walking yet- but I am pretty sure he will be by the time his b-day rolls around- he's getting very close. He likes lights, doorstops, birds, and music. He likes to throw balls, bang on keyboards, and close doors.

and- Go!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick- or- treat??

 This past weekend was definitely a TREAT for me!! Friday Kash had his Fall Festival at school. It was a bit overwhelming- fun for the older kids for sure! But not too much for the little ones to do. Then Friday night we went to a Pumpkin Carving party and just had lots of fun. Then Saturday morning Kash and I went to Logan and Landry's baby shower! Of course all the girls were excited to see Kash- and I got to finally meet sweet sweet Harper. Ohhhh- she's just precious. She is so tiny- only 10lbs at 8 weeks old. Her and her mom, Christi, are doing great- and looking great! I really enjoyed hanging out and seeing all these girls. We all started out with getting to see each other at work- then when I switched jobs- we only got to see each other at weddings and such- and now that everyone is married- we get to visit at baby showers!! Soooooo.... who's next??

ok- I guess we can figure out another excuse to hang out- LOL!
at TASB's Fall Festival- digging for dinosaurs

Saturday evening we took Kash to a Halloween carnival- again- TONS of fun for older kids- but not so much for the babies to do. We still had fun! and next year it will even be more fun! Afterwards we went to visit with friends and watch the stupid o' Longhorn game... booooo.....(what's the saying Jess? "it's a re-building year" LOL!) Kash was worn out- so we headed home after the game-

then Sunday- Halloween- we shopped, walked, ate, and sat out front to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. What a treat!

anyhow- here are some pictures of our fun weekend!

<> booooo longhorns wear me out!
Daddy's little helper

Look at all those pumpkins!

Hey- whatcha doing? I can help you too!

Cody gets in "the stance" for getting out the pumpkin guts-

yay! pumpkins!

funny.... real funny guys....

Our Franken-pumpkin
The "winner" from our pumpkin carving night! She free handed this drawing! awesome!

are you trying to take my picture??

hey- give me that camera!

am I supposed to be scared or something?