Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in the first week of Kash Riley...

The next few days in the hospital were a blur. Between my nurse, Kash's nurse, shift changes, lactation consultants, billing people, visitors, etc.... people were in and out and we dozed on and off and adjusted to life with a newborn. Cody was great- I would even go as far to say- a perfect husband and father. How did I get so lucky?

As of Saturday- our discharge day! I hadn't even changed a diaper yet- Cody had done it all.

We got home Saturday afternoon around 3:00- and I was happy to be in our own house- on our own couch- our own TV- you get the point- just around our stuff!

Life has been great- Kash is perfection (I know- all moms say that about their babies) Big Bro and Sis have been great- MiMi came to stay a few days and help around the house- the dogs have accepted baby Kash-and you already know how I feel about my Prince Charming Husband- we have really settled in and even though there isn't really much of a "schedule" right now- I couldn't ask for more.

Kash grows a little bit everyday- opens his eyes more- lifts his head a little higher- explores his surroundings. He is such a sweet baby boy- even his screams, are sweet. I've been peed on- and thats ok! I love his "drunk baby" look- and his chubby wittle cheeks- I could just eat him up!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birth Story part 2- After the epidural- life is good!

Part 2 of Kash's Birth Story- life after the Epidural..... ahhhhh......

(ice chips- yummmmm...)

So now that I could breath- sit- talk- pain free- at last! Time just ticked away. I dozed in and out of sleep- and tired to focus on progressing and thinking positive thoughts of Kash's arrival. At each check point- I was making progress- slowly but surely- so that was good! There were a few scary moments- like when they gave me a shot of Ephedrine in my IV- because Kash's heart rate was dropping- but my nurse Laura was back and I was determined to have Kash on her shift! so that would end at 7:00pm.

(Just waiting around)

Around 5:30 or so I started stalling out at 9 cm- ugh! Dr. Irvin was sure that Kash was not liking that too much- and I was nervous that she was going to talk c-section. But then Papa Lou arrived-straight from the airport- still in his Captains uniform and all- and I guess that's what Kash was waiting on- because about 1 minute after he came in to say hello- it was push time! yay!

Unfortunately it was also 7:00pm- so Laura had to leave- but she left me in good hands with Misty- what a good way to start your shift- I asked her if she was ready to get this show on the road and help have this baby- whooopeeee- she was pumped up!

We talked about pushing and how "using your bowel muscles" need to use the big words around here- let's just get it all out there- you are basically talking about the poop ones- LOL! and we practiced some pushes....

My mom (MiMi- that's what she has decided to be called) was making me nervous... with every push she was holding her breath- I thought she was going to pass out... BreatheMother-Breathe- goodness- that's all we needed- a passed out grandma.

So we agreed on Cody counting- MiMi breathing- and me pushing- they both helped me with the sit up position.

Dr. Irvin said that she thought they were going to have to use the vacuum- because Kash was not liking all this stress- and we needed to get him out of there. I guess he was still determined to just stay comfy on the inside- haha! But I was ready to meet my son- and I really didn't want to use the vacuum- so I pushed with all I had- I only had to squeeze out "shutupmother" one time... she was already crying and babbling- just like grandmas do-

Cody was trying to focus on counting- I think at one point Dr. Irvin told him to slow down- he may have even skipped a few numbers...1,2,3,6,7,9,10.... and MiMi hadn't passed out yet- so we were still doing good-

and the words "one more push like that- and he'll be here" OK- so let's do it! and POP- 23 minutes later- no vacuum needed- and Kash Riley was born. They put him on my chest and my son was here. Perfection! He looked up at me and he looked like Caleb- so I guess that would mean Cody- what a pretty baby boy!
(All done- One happy mama!)

I heard the doctor tell Cody to cut the cord- but not his privates- LOL! That would NOT be good. They put him over under the warming lamp and he peed all over everyone- it was great. I had to remind Cody and my mom to grab their cameras and start taking pictures. (How come I am having to take care of these two- and I was the one having the baby....hmmm... hahaha!)

I can remember hearing his 1st cry and seeing him look up at me for the first time. He scored 8 & 9 on his Apgar scores, and weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz, 19 inches long.

It was the most memorable moments- I hope I can recall these exact feelings and memories for a lifetime.

Cody went with Kash to the nursery and I got all cleaned up, we ordered pizza, and got ready to move to our post- partum recovery room. I was SO hungry- I hadn't eaten in over 30 hours.... and Mr. Gattis was calling my name.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kash's Birth Story (part 1- before the epidural)

SO- today we check into the hospital! yay! Well this evening actually..... so what should we do today???
Cody had the day off- so we decided to run around and just have some fun- enjoy our last day without having a baby- that's just crazy!
We started the morning with our favorite breakfast spot in town- Kerby Lane- it's soo good! and we pigged out for one last time- (before the new baby diet starts.... right??) Anyhow- it was great and fun. I almost forgot to mention- I turned 41 weeks today too- never thought I would be saying that-

After breakfast we finished up some last minute "baby stuff", took naps, and made sure our hospital bag was packed. Then we headed up to La Margarita for some trivia and Micheladas (with O'douls of course) Cody was even a good sport and had O'douls with me!

(our set up at La Margarita)

Then it was time to get ready. I was nervous, excited, anxious, etc....

(just checking the list)

(Daddy was really excited!)

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for a double scoop of yummy ice cream- then headed to the hospital to check in!

I really didn't know what to expect- I mean- I had my suspicions- but wasn't quite sure. We got there, settled into our room, and met our nurse for the night- Laura- she is due with her 1st son in March- so she had lots of encouraging words for us- and great advice. I got hooked up to an IV with fluids and they started me on some Cytotec- to start the labor process.

(all hooked up)

The plan was that I would be on the Cytotec for 12 hours- and then they would check my progress and start the Pitocin at 7:00 am.

(still smiling)

They did offer me Ambien for sleep- but I turned it down- I didn't want to be all kinds of groggy the next day- and I am glad that I didn't take it.

(our movie set up)

7:00 am rolled around pretty quick! and in came Dr. Irvin to check my progress- still none- only at 1 cm dilated- but she broke my water and started the pitocin. WOW- watchout! I was a little nervous about all that.....
She said that she didn't want me to get an epidural until I reached 3 cm- ok- I can handle that.... right??
Holycrapmotherofgod! How long does it take to get to 3 freakin centimeters?? They gave me some pain meds through my IV- to "take the edge off" but that wore out in about an hour Contractions effing H-U-R-T! I honest to god thought that my hips were going to split apart. That must be what it feels like to be drawn and quartered by a horse.... I'm only guessing. Cody was a great support- I had asked him to count down my contractions- which were coming about 2 minutes apart and coming on strong- but he just couldn't count fast enough- 30 seconds seemed to last an hour.

Anyhow- about 11:00 am I finally made it to 3 cm and the "epidural God" was called into work. I have always heard girls say they could make out with the Anesthesiologist- and I thought it was funny. But seriously- I would have done anything for her! She was quick- it was painless- and Wa-La the pain was gone.

relief in sight........ ahhhhhh........

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy due date to me!

Well 40 weeks has come and gone- here I am at work on my due date~ craziness!