Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things that make me gag.....

I know! I bet you were thinking the same things as me.... What a fun topic! Right?? Anyhow, just thought I would share. Some of these things have to do with pregnancy- but some of these are just plain nasty!

- the seafood section at the grocery store *note to self- keep away from the sushi stand too!*

- my tooth brush- and NO I don't mean I stick it in my throat..... but I have to be quick- in and out when brushing the chompers- otherwise.... yup- you guessed it.

- burps- YUCK! this is one of the things I didn't like pre- pregnant. I can't stand the sound, the smell, even just the thought of burps. Ladies beware- if you have a boy (who am I kidding) or male in your life.... they think burping is funny..... wonder how funny they think puke is?

- B.O. enough said.....


16 Weeks! It's Guacamole time!

The dogs wanted to be in some pictures too. Meet Diesel.

Well I am officially 4 months along! 16 weeks! They say the baby is the size of a avocado now! When I read that- it just made me want to make some guacamole. yummy!

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 0 from last time-still at about a 5 lb total (maybe some of that was Honeymoon weight?? I can pretend anyhow!)
Body Changes? the "girls'" are out of control! I am having to wear 2 sports bras when we go to the gym. And there seems to be no point in shaving my legs- I swear my hair grows back overnight.
Sleep: SUCKS! I love to sleep on my belly- which I can't do anymore. It feels like I am laying on a little ball (which is kinda cool) So I rotate from left side to back to right side all night long. Good thing my hubby sleeps so soundly- he never even moves.
Diesel again....

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat again. C got to come and hear it for the 1st time. It's just the best sound. I would make it my ringer if I could.
Gender: We find out Aug. 24th- yay!!! I can't wait
Food Cravings: beans- and let me tell ya- I just made the BEST butter beans tonight.
What I miss: every time C opens up a Monster on our way to the gym- my mouth starts watering. yummmm Monster!
Symptoms: still having headaches- but the doctor thinks it's just hormones and should go away soon.
What I am looking forward to: feeling the baby move and finding out if there is a boy or girl in there!
Milestones: We found a house! yaya- the search is finally over. Now we just have to wait till Nov. to move in. That makes me pretty nervous- moving when I am about 9 months- but luckily I have a great family that is supportive and has already offered help.
Diesel and Gracie

Monday, July 13, 2009

and Happily Ever After begins....

This past weekend we went to our friend A & J's Engagement Dinner celebration! It was at the beautiful Oasis out at Lake Travis. It over looks the lake with about 100 decks and is one of the best spots to watch the sun go down.

We had a lot of fun. Good friends, funny stories, lots of laughter, and of course we were celebrating A & J's "kick off" party for all of the wedding events that will follow! I think this celebration really set the tone for how the next year of wedding planning will follow. Lots of laughing, maybe a little bit of tears (happy ones), maybe running behind schedule, some inappropriate (but hilarious) conversations (I hope that no one was recording what our table was talking about...), beautiful scenery, and an ecstatic bride and groom!

A little bit to say about A & J- their happiness is contagious! they are great friends to C and I. Now I may get a little sappy here- but no tears allowed! (well.... I can have some- but I am the hormonal one!) Anyhow- A stood by me as my Maid of Honor and J stood beside C as a groomsman- not only were they there beside us on our wedding day- but throughout our entire year long engagement. What a lucky couple we are to have such wonderful friends. So needless to say- when A & J asked us to stand up with them on their all important day- we were both SO excited to be able to do that!

A has been there with me through it all. I know that she has 4 other sisters (yes! 5 beautiful girls in her family- yikes! Her dad had his hands full- of glitter- ha ha) anyhow- that's a whole other story- I am off track. I claim her as my sister too! We have shared many laughs, tears, we tell it like it is to each other and still love each other dearly. I am so happy that she has found her prince and that her fairy tale can come true. She deserves a lifetime of happiness and I know that A & J will live in love forever.

Oh- and guess what?? At our wedding A fought for... ahem...I mean caught my bouquet!! And guess who elbowed his way to the garter? You guessed it- J! So maybe the old tale is true- or at least it was in this case!

Friday, July 10, 2009

2nd Time Around

I have been asking some of my more experienced mom friends what they would do the 2nd time around. Thought I would share some of their answers. Maybe I can try and remember to take some of the advice from the women that have "been there, done that" (my Dad would add "and got the t-shirt)

NS says- keep up with the workouts because when you start pushing that baby out, you need to be in good shape. It's hard to breathe and push 3 times in a row and then turn around and do it one minute later for an hour and a half.

T- I am on my 3rd- and definitely more laid back than I was with my 1st. It wasn't helpful to me or the baby to be worried about everything. Also, I gained WAAAAAAAAY too much weight first time around, I know better now.

S- I'd like to work out more this time. I am still hanging onto an extra 20 pounds from my 1st two, but other than that, I've loved both of my pregnancies and how they turned out.

H- I hope to spend more of my labor not laying in bed this time, and I hope to be able to focus on breathing etc... and delay the epidural. If I do get an epidural, I hope this time, I don't get too numb to push, making them shut it off at the worst time possible.... I will try to breastfeed again and hope I am more successful. I will tell them that I do not want to supplement with formula in the hospital.

M- 1.) not stress so much 2.) work out and eat as well as I can 3.) keep an open mind about delivery. It's awesome to hope for a certain type of delivery, but if it doesn't work out, you'll be much less disappointed if you've kept an open mind. Same goes for breast feeding.

T- I would've stopped working before I got too uncomfortable. Just for some rest and relaxation. Once your baby arrives it's all about them 24/7. Relax- babies won't break. They will get sick and they will have good days and bad days so deal with it as it comes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I think I am on my way to making up my own language- here are some of the things that have come out of my mouth lately. (it must be the baby taking over my brain....right?)

I said to my husband "Please take me to the Marble Clab Seamery" yeah- and not just once... every time I asked- which was many. (and he still hasn't taken me!- maybe because he can't figure out where I want to go?)

"I have one on both of my necks" -you all didn't know I have 2 necks? That's completely normal. Just FYI- I was referring to these little bumps- that look like vampire bites. Two on each SIDE of my neck. Must be reading the Twilight books too much.

At my 12 week doctor's appointment. Sonogram person "Your baby is measuring 5 cm"
Me in my head "awwww....I thought the baby would at least be an inch long by now"
WHAT? You act like I am the only person that doesn't know that 5 cm = 2 inches! Why couldn't they just give me the measurements in inches!? I had to go home and break out my daughter's ruler for this one. SO glad that I didn't say anything out loud.

I am sure there will be more of these to come. Hope you all have had a good laugh- and hopefully I will add to the list of my new language- then we can all learn it together!
Edit: At least I am not as gullible as this woman! And she's not even pregnant! WOW- what a story!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Backwards Mom? Am I?

So the thought occurred to me...I have been raising kids for 5 years- and I would like to think that I have been through and survived quite a bit. (I am no expert but I am just saying...) The thing is- that I have only raised kids from the ages of 4 and 6- to now 9 and 11. Lots of things happen between those ages! But I have NO clue what to do for the 1st four years of life- and those are some pretty important years! What to do... I am sure it will just come to me- I mean- all 1st time moms go through this...right?? Good thing the Hubs has been there done that and I have a great Big Sister and Brother to help out!

So I am sorta a backwards mom- like the Case of Benjamin Button- sorta...ok- you have to use your imagination- but you get what I am saying.

Addicting Dip!

Seriously this is the most addicting dip! I mean- I have never done crack- but I am pretty sure this is what it's like, and I would much rather be addicted to this dip- it's delicious! Give it a try. *warning* IT IS ADDICTING- you may not be able to stop- may want to make in small batches or be prepared to eat the whole batch at one time. If you serve this at a party- people may fight over it. And if you run out of chips- be prepared with spoons or anything else you can dip in this or you may have some people breakdown. - think crack addicts (really you could dip in dog food and it would still be good)

Here goes- this recipe is from my friend's blog Home With Mandy (great cooking blog) It's called Enchilada Dip

-2 cans of white meat chicken

-1 can of diced green chilies

-1 can Rotel (drained) I like the Rotel with green chilies in it.

-1 stick cream cheese

-shredded cheddar cheese

Mix all ingredients EXCEPT cheese in cooking dish. Then sprinkle grated cheese on top and bake in the oven at 350 until hot and bubbly. Serve with some chips! It's SO good!