Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You might be a redneck if....

Are we redneck? wait- dont' answer that!

And if you had to think about that for too long- then you already know your answer. (some family members are probably whooting and a hollering- cheering for team redneck- LOL) (in case  you didn't know- their answer is YES)

So a few things have occurred at our household to make me think to myself "Hmmpf- that was pretty redneck"

But in Texas- everyone is a littlebit redneck- right??

So let me fill you in:

1. One Easter when my parents came over for Easter dinner we were all drinking wine- and no one knew whose was whose wine glass. So I came up with a great idea! Wine charms! But I didn't have any of the "official" wine charms- so I used old twisty ties- you know- like from a loaf of bread. LISTEN- they actually came out pretty cute. Since I am sort of a pack rat- I just happened to have a whole bunch of them- so I had all different colors! And just like that- wa-la- everyone knew which wine glass was theirs.

2. One Thanksgiving the hubs decided on frying a turkey. Great idea! Love fried turkey. We had a turkey- check!  fryer-check! oil- check! But we put the grease in, and started the cooker thingy- and hmmmm... what do we use to put/ hang the turkey in the fryer with. AGAIN- it's my genius brilliancy-(and yes-that is a word) We came up with the idea of using a wire hanger. Worked perfect! I am pretty sure at this family dinner we were also drinking out of twisty tie wine glasses too.

3. Once our toilet broke- forcing us to go out and buy a new one. No.no.no don't get any gross ideas here people- well not too gross. Anyhow- stay with me. So husband decided to take said broke toilet and turn it into a cooler! That's right people- A freakin cooler. When I walk out on the back porch and see a cooler full of beer- of course- he tells me "Well I scrubbed it with bleach"

4. We have a 4 wheeler. That the kids LOVE- but husband likes to ride it too. In fact at our old house I am pretty sure we had worn the grass down from riding it in circles- in the backyard!!!

ummm... did I mention that it is a CHILD size 4 wheeler???

yes- this is redneck people-

And the latest- we had to break the baby in too-

5. It's hot in Texas- you all know that. And what keeps things cool the best? A cooler- and when it's hot outside- don't you just want to jump in a nice big pool of cold water? Makes perfect sense- and that's just what we thought for Kash too. So what better way to create a day of fun splashing than to make him his very own cooler tub??? That's right- we put the baby in the cooler- and he went to town- had a blast! Had just about as much fun as if he had drank the beers that would have been in that cooler on any other given weekend. (no- we don't give babies beer- geesh!)

I know- probably not what you were expecting for the 100th post- but I just had to DO IT- and just get something out here! I was all kinds of stressed about the 100th this and the 100th that- then I realized- it's just another post- and there will be manymanymany more.

So CHEERS- to the 1st 100- and stay tuned for more! Have a glass of wine- tie a twisty tie on it- ride a 4 wheeler, sit in a cooler on a toilet- whatever... CHEERS!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The pressure....arghhhhh.....

Ok- so this is post #99- and if you can count- which I hope I can assume we all can- that would make my  next post #100-

yes- #100 ya'll!!! I feel like that is a pretty big milestone- so I feel like I should do a special post for my #100 post- but I am just not too sure what to write about...hmmm? the pressure is on-

Ok- so my #99 post is NOT going to be a rambling on about what my #100 post will be about- don't worry- you are safe.

Soooo- onto the regular ramblings-

Check these out! They are marble magnets~
Aren't they cute?
I made these for A & J's Couples Shower that I co- hosted a few weeks back.  They were easy to make and everyone grabbed on to take home. I read  up on how to make these over on the Crafty Chic.
Really- you could make these for any type of occasion.

The shower was a TON of fun and I am getting super excited about the upcoming wedding in Playa del Carmen! Mexico here we come!

The Happy Couple! awwwww.......

Friday, August 20, 2010

You should feel special- not everyone gets this treatment-

So- I always think I would like to share recipes with everyone on here- but then again- some of my recipes are "special" and secret. And if I told everyone how to make it- then they wouldn't be like "Oh would you pleeeeeease make that way yummy thing that you made last time?" and that makes me feel special-


I want to make all my readers feel special- so this is what I decided to do- I will share a recipe with you all. Now, it's not one of my specialspecial ones- but I have to say it is a very good one! I got the idea online- and tweaked a little here- and added a little bit of this- and took out a little bit of that- to come up with-

Taco Roll Ups! very good- easy to make and they go fast!

OK- you will need:
-flour tortillas
-1 can of refried beans
-1 block cream cheese
-1 can rotel
-1 can drained corn
-1 pack of taco seasoning
- salsa

Soften the cream cheese and mix it with the beans. Add the taco seasoning. Drain the corn and rotel and add both in the mix. (you can also add green chilies or a little bit of salsa) Spread mixture over the tortilla and roll it up. Of course, you will do this on each tortilla until you run out of mix, or run out of tortillas.

I would suggest letting the rolled up tortillas sit in the fridge overnight. They are easier to cut after they have set for a while and are cold.

But when you are ready to serve them, cut them up in to thick slices and serve with your favorite salsa for dipping.
WaLa! presto- you have an instant party favorite. I made these for Ciara's 12th b-day party and they were a hit. Stay tuned for more details on her super duper fun Minute To Win It themed birthday celebration-

Now you should all feel really special. I hope that you will make these for a party and then the next time you see that person they will be like "Ohhhhh those little rolly up taco things that you made were sooooooo good- could you come over and make those for my party?" and then you will see how good that feels! LOL! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green beans? No thanks-

OK- just watch the video and laugh. It's too funny-

Of course that was the 2nd or 3rd bite we gave him- we had to get good video of this!

ok ok- no more green beans. Well- not right now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

7 months already-

Well I guess I am going to be one of those moms- and blab about how fast the past month has flown by- but FOR REAL- it has- and it's crazy, and stressful, and fun, and wild, and scary and I love it!

SIZE: Still wearing some of his 3 month stuff- but definetly fitting into more 6 month stuff. I am sure he is weighing over 15 lbs- and after I work out- I am pretty sure he's weighing in at around 100 lbs-
He's still small- and that's alright with me- I am sure he will grow up waaay too fast anyhow! We went to the park- and tried to swing- but we don't quite fit in one yet-

NEW MOVES: Lots of new moves this time around- so let me break them down for you:
Scooting- this is where he puts his arms out as far as they will go- then he inches his legs up to where his arms are, then does this all again. AKA- the inch worm crawl. (see video)
Booty scooting- this is when he sits up and scoots across the floor, reaches out his little legs, and then scoots his booty up to them.
The Plank/Downward dog- I am sure these are both steps that are on the way to the "real" crawl- but it's pretty funny to watch Kash get in yoga poses. Sometimes it looks like he is trying to do push-ups- LOL!
Pulling up- yup. He's trying to pull up on just about every and anything he can grab a hold of- look out- we have a wild one!
Belly to Butt- he can go from his belly to a sitting postion, and from a sitting position back to his belly- he will sometimes use this move to inch across the floor

YUMMY FOODS: so far we have tried and LIKED- sweet potatos, butternut squash, baked pears, baked apples. (I actually made all these myself!)
At school they did some painting with chocolate pudding and somehow some ended up in Kash's mouth- I don't think he was too upset about that....
NOT liking so much- puffs- he throws them up- gross. Bananas, well real bananas, he's not too crazy about. I think it's the texture because he did like bananas that were out of the baby food pouch. Next week we will be trying peas and green beans and baked peaches- yumm!

SLEEPING: in the pack and play- in our room. I know I know I know- enough said- but you know what??? he will be moving into his room soon. Our goal is when the kids go back to school- Kash will go upstairs. So that's already only like a week a way- yikes!

WORDS: Mama- of course I would love to tell you that everytime he sees me- he yells out Mama! but that's just not true- he does say mamamamama a lot- and just recently he has started with his "B" sounds. babababababa-

BEST MOMENTS:We went to the lake with friends and Kash discovered his tongue- too cute. He kept poking it out and trying to copy Daddy with tongue wiggles- haha! We had lots of excitement with Papa visiting- it was Ciara's 12 birthday and then Nanny, Aunt Ang and Cousin River also came for a visit- that was so fun. I can't wait for Kash to get a little bit more mobile so him and River can run around together. We had a great time. Lots of laughing-

FAVORITE THINGS: He is loving bath time- or any water time for that matter. He likes to splish and splash all over the place. He really likes playing with his soap bottle- like- really likes it- like likes it soooo much that there is a small meltdown when you take it away. (ok- I know I just said like to many times- but you got the point)

No teeth yet- although I can feel those little teeth buds just buldging in his gums. He ran a small fever today- and I am pretty sure it's from teething- so my little toothless grin won't last much longer. boooooo

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A crawler- for real???

So I took this video last night-

I tell you what- when that boy wants something- in this case- the remote control (typical male, right?) anyhow- he wanted it and he went for it!

And then today- just now (August 12, 2010 @ 3:30 pm) I just went down to Kash's classroom and he CRAWLED to me!!!!

I mean- a real crawl- like left arm, left knee, right arm, right knee kind of crawl.

I am not sure I am ready for this- it seems to be happening toooooo soon!! He only took about 5 "crawl steps" but he did it!

OMG- what's next? driver's licence? great!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake Time!

We headed out to the lake to enjoy some fun in the sun with our friends The Kagelers! What a great time- relaxing on their mega- porch and catching some sun out on the pontoon boat. It's kinda nice to spend a few days where what you are wearing doesn't matter, and there's no need for make up, or clocks, or cell phones.

Kash is ready for some lake time!
Gracie looooooooves the lake-
Not to sure about that guy- LOL! Just look at those faces- hahaha! too cute!
We decided to get Kash his 1st sippy cup- he is really liking water- maybe because it's cold?
You try it-
Close- maybe just a little bit more practice-
This is Kaleb's truck- Kash really liked it too.
beepbeep- outta my way! (he drives just like his dad)
I guess a weekend at the lake is full of discoveries-
can you guess what Kash found??? hmmmm....
His tongue! it's right there- see it? LOL- he had that hanging out all day long-
Kaleb made a new friend- she gave him lots and lots and lots of kisses-
I am pretty sure she would give him a bath if he let her.