Wednesday, March 30, 2011


positive thoughts this week-

"Prepare your mind to recieve the best that life has to offer"

what is meant to be- will be-

isn't it crazy how the universe 'tests' you for these situations?

pulling strings- making your head spin- making you really think about what direction you want to head.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be"

but that's ok- I am up for this adventure-

anyhow- all i want to be is myself-  black eye and all.

ya- that's right.

i have a black eye.

maybe they will think i'm tough.
i bet it will make our meeting memorable....right?

oh who am I kidding- they are going to love me!

i will keep you all posted.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Watch week 3/14- 3/25

oh no- it's Spring Break. St. Patty's Day. SWXW. and The Bachelor Finale- all in one week- bring it on!

*actually I got my weeks all messed up and mumbo- jumbo so- this is just a smush of 2 weeks together-

Monday- Body Attack- had a sub instructor today and LOVED it! It's crazy how something as simple as a new instructor can change the whole class. He was a ton of fun- and helped me burn 299 calories.
Tuesday- Body Pump- Pump you Up! 148 calories burned in class. and then an additional 100 laughing at these two-

Wednesday- step class- even with a cold- just push on through-425 calories coughed out-
Thursday- Body Combat- haven't been to this class in the past 2 weeks and it's one of my favorites- I am sure I will be sore. But it's all worth it- all 418 calories.
Friday- pretty sure you all saw my post about topless workouts- if not check it here.
Saturday- I didn't go to the gym- but we did go see my mom's play- and although the rest of my household got to actually watch the play- I chased a little toddler upandown- upanddown- upanddown- the stairs only about 1 bazillion times- so that should count for something, no?

TOTAL: 1290 (and really that's pretty low if I am considering that this was over two weeks- but really we should just consider this an average of each week over the past 2 weeks- umkay.)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look up high- there's kites in the sky!

If you live in Austin- then you just "get it"

If you don't- well- sorry for you. It's just such a fun unique city to live in. Just this month alone- there are all kinds of happenings going around. We kicked off the month with Mardi Gras and we are about to get into full swing of SXSW Film and Music Festival- and with the upcoming time change- so it's nice and sunny out until about 8:00- just about any evening in Austin you can find a great patio to sit on, live music to listen to, and enjoy an ice cold beverage of your choice. And to top that off- it's also crawfish season!! yipeee! So most weekends you will probably find our family out on a patio elbow deep in some hot spicy crawfish- love those mudbugs!

So this weekend- we ventured off to the Austin Kite Festival at Zilker Park. Thousands and thousands of people gathter to...

well you guessed it...

Fly Kites! and hula hoop and play hacky sack and lounge around on big blankets and soak in the sunshine- which is just what we did.

Just hanging out- munching on some snacks

Now that's a BIG kite!

He's flying high-

Friday, March 25, 2011

Topless gyms

I wanted to go to the gym today- I really did- but

I went downstairs to get dressed-

pants- check
sports bra- check
socks, shoes, workout watch- checkcheckcheck
shirt- ohcrap!

and NO i am not into working out
a. topless or
b. in a sports bra

so I guess I will be shopping on my lunch break today....

and I will leave you with the little tid-bit. Did you know that some where like over in Europe or something- they actually do have topless- I think- even nude gyms. I am not kidding.... I read about it once- for real. And I would search it up for you- but I am at work and could probably get in trouble for looking that up on the clock.

that's just what i want to motivate me when working out- some big sweaty fat guy- naked.


Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know it's hard to grasp what's going on in Japan- it's not over-

there are some that have lost EVERYthing-

not just houses, cars, clothes, all thier belongings- but

mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles- entire families- entire villages

history. identities.

If you don't count your blessings- you should.

It's hard to think about how we can help- but we can.

Japan is one of the most modern countries in the world. Even though they were somewhat prepared for this- in hopes that it would never happen. considering that a 8.9 quake could have killed millions in a less developed county-

Even so- the images are still heart breaking.

Anyhow- anything helps. And if you would like to donate- go here.

Or do what we did and buy one of these super cute t-shirts and wear it to support the people of Japan.

100% of the proceeds of the sales of this shirt will go towards The Salvation Army's relief efforts in Japan.


Following the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan, this terrified giant panda grabs the leg of a policeman.

Is it okay that I am a little bit more worried about pandas after this post? 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Watch week 3/7- 3/13

We had such a great weekend- even got a little sunburned on Sunday. So the warm weather is here- and this coming up weekend- we Spring forward our clocks- yay! That means we get more sunshine during the day- I love it. (although the 1st few mornings with that time change are a doozy)

Monday- Body Attack- 287- not bad for a Monday- and let me tell ya- today has been a Monday...
Tuesday- Body Pump- 196 calories- and I went up on my weight today (my lifting weight) I increased on legs and back- probably going to be feeling that later on- but I had a piece of King Cake in honor of Fat Tuesday- those little babies were just calling my name- it was good!!! So I figured I could redeem myself with some heavy lifting- haha.
Wednesday- yay! my friend was back in Step Class today- she's been out getting certified to teach classes- how cool is that? Anyhow- she's such good motivation and I was glad to have her back- plus she always reminds me to push start on The Watch- who by the way- said "Good Workout" today- I know I know- what a great day! and to top it off 465 calories burned. love it.
Thursday- went to lunch with a friend- I did get a salad.
Friday- back at it at Body Pump- such a fun Friday class! whipped 210 calories- whoop!
Saturday- K and I got out and about- went for a walk and then to play at the playgound and Moooo at the cows- didn't get the heart rate up very much-
Sunday- BigSisC, me and K all went for a morning run before heading off to Hippie Church- now that was an experience! Burned 285 calories- what a way to start a Sunday!

TOTAL: 1443

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Destiny- chance? or choice?

No- not the Child- silly.

Concentrate on this sentence-

To get something you never had,  you have to do something you never did.

Fate. Destiny.

Is it already planned for us?

or can we take it where we want to go?

it's scary and exciting all at the same time.

I wonder what the universe has in store for me.
 I can't really say much more (right now anyhow) but
I have opened my mind- my heart- my future- to the world.
It's very exciting. and scary.

oh- did I already say that?
 that's because it is.
my heart beats fast just typing this up.

The poster says
The choices we make, not the chances we take, determine our destiny.

What if we make a choice to take a chance?

OH- excitement is in the air~!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Watch week 2/28- 3/6

What? Spring? March? already? yay! and bathing suits are out in FULL force- so IT's ON- motivation is staring me in the face with every shopping trip. I want to have fun at the lake, the pool, the beach, everywhere this hot season.
I am actually doing a 21 day 'cleanse' of sorts- not as dramatic as a 7-10 day- but a little more realistic on the food plan (for me) so that's why I chose the 21 day- they actually suggest not working out at all- because there's a chance you could pass out- yikes! but I just can't imagine staying out of the gym for 3 straight weeks- so I am just going to take it easy and listen to my body. Any workout is better than NO workout- so if my calorie burning counts are a little low these next couple of weeks- that's why.

Monday- Body Attack- hi-ya! (that's like my karate sound) 303 calories burned- good job!
Tuesday- Body Pump- and even though The Watch usually doesn't like this class- today I actually burned 268 calories- nice! that's the most I have burned in that class so far.
Wednesday- Body Step-  boy it was a rough one today. I kept getting almostcramps in my calves- never an "official" cramp- they were just thinking about it. Still- even so- left 466 calories in sweat on the floor there. I am assuming that means I need to drink more water. right?
Thursday- no work out today-just some running around and errands.
Friday- Body Pump 260 calories burned! yay- then out for an awesome dinner-
Saturday- just a lazy ol' day- loved it!
Sunday- kite festival! what a great day for a festival.

Friday night's dinner was SO good! We went to Silver Stone- a nice little restaurant and wine bar in a small town north of ours. It was excellent. We had scallops and crab cakes, lobster, steak, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, wine, and then dessert. I was so stuffed that we actually ended up taking the Cinnamon cheese cake home-
My mom had given us this date night as a Christmas gift- so it was time to cash in. Everything was good- a little pricey- but it was a nice night out just the two of us. But get this- I ate so much- that I was pretty much miserable all day Saturday- booo- I learned my lesson. (and I am ready to work off those extra calories this week)

Friday, March 4, 2011

yummmm Ketchup-

Let me just tell ya'll- I am trying to do this whole "healthy" thing this week- but FOR REAL - what I wouldn't give for some

did you know how much sugar ketchup has in it??

cheese- ymmmmmm-
one block of sharp cheddar over here please.

So what else have I done without this week?
hot wings

ALL fun stuff!

wow- it's crazy when you start actually watching what you put in your mouth- how much you put in without even realizing it.

But good news! It's Friday! and I have been super duper good all week long so that on Friday- and that would be tonight- I can cheat go on a date with the hubs and splurge a little.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Life Ain't For Everybody- part 1

This Life Ain't For Everybody!

That's the slogan at Winner's and Loser's- two of our favorite little hang outs in Nashville.

ain't that the truth! boy-

For those of you who don't know- about 2 years ago- we had my bachelorette party in Nashville- talk about some fun times! So it was time to take the husband back to see what all the fuss was about.

Well what can I say about this Nashville trip- or maybe what should I say?? As always- we were treated like Rockstars- hanging out with the VIP's on their "15th Annual 50th B-day Party"
-now who wants to start that tradition? I do - I do!

In the airport-

 The limo's outside waiting! and we headed straight to the bar-

ohhhh more shots- who even likes these Fireballs?

ok- we'll give it a try-

Cody loved the Fireballs- who knows what dirty joke they are laughing at this time?

Day 2- on our way to the hotel- downtown Nashville-

Lunch day 2 at Southstreet-

Done decorating for the big night! All the ladies here- the party is at 3rd and Lindsley every year- this year they had a great Santana cover band-

15th annual party!

All dressed up for the party-

who makes shots this big?? The 1st of many Patron- chilled

Look look- it's me and Kelly! I can't believe they put up a painting of us!

Love this picture- not too sure what's going on here- lol-


Let's get this party started!

Day 3- after lunch we hung out with some friends- heard a lot of stories, and a TON of jokes- we laughed A LOT- it was my favorite day-

but this is where part 1 ends- because I can't upload anymore pictures without upgrading my account- and I need to figure out if that's what I want to do- I am sure I will- but I was on a roll and now I have to take a break to contemplate this issue-