Monday, February 28, 2011

The Watch- week 2/21- 2/27

After getting back from our Nashville 72 hour straight  go- go- go trip- I knew that getting back into the gym was going to be a doozy. We did walk places- and I tried to eat notsobad *cringe* and even though I managed to fit in maybe 1.5 salads throughout the weekend- I am pretty sure Miller Lite and Patron won the calorie battle-
But BOY was it good times. Of course it's for another post- but i'm not sure I can even begin to explain it- it's kinda one of those things that "you just have to be there"

Monday- nada- recovery day
Tuesday- Body Pump- whew! finally made it back in the gym and it felt great- who cares if the watch only told me 145 calories-
Wednesday- back to Body Step- I was so irritated at a co-worker today that I could not have gotten out of the office fast enough- and was happy to blow of some steam at the gym. There's nothing like a mix of Black Eyed Peas, Whitney Houston, 80's Rock and Lady Gaga to get you moving! 444 calories gone- The Watch sure was beeping at me a lot today- it must have known all the bad words I wanted to say back at the office.
Thursday- nice butt kicking at Body Combat fo-tweny-ate down (that's 428 umkay)
Friday- made it to Body Pump- I debated- and widdle waddled and finally made it out the door- then when I got there the front desk guy told me the class was full! ugh! then he said "just kidding"
NOT funny dude- I almost had to leave and go shopping or something.... but working out is better... I guess. I forgot ThedarnWatch (the babysitter cancelled- can you get a picture of how my day is going here?) but anyhow- watch or no watch- I am guessing he would tell me about 150 calories- so that's what I am going to go with.
Saturday- K and I tried going for a walk- it was misting- and we ended up getting sprinkled on- so no stop at the park- just a short 20 minute walk- poo.
Sunday- nada

TOTAL: 1167

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Different Messes- but still the same cute face!

I mean- how is it even possible to get THIS much stuff on you when you eat?? Isn't there some sort of award you can win for that? surely there is....

We can start off easy- here's the Cake Mustache

 Then we have sweet potatoes- pretty innocent-

Is that a nutrigrain bar?? all gone!

and finally spaghetti-


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Watch week 2/14/11- 2/20/11

This is a short week- lots to get done- lots of running around to do- hopefully I can get in the gym at least a few times- then we head out of town to party it up with some friends in Nashville. I can't wait!!

Monday- welp- didn't get off to as great of a start as I wanted. I went to the mall today at lunch and skipped the gym- but I HAD to get some new jeans for my trip this week! Really- I really had to. At least that is out of the way- so I can focus on workouts for the rest of the week- ok- ok.
Tuesday- Body Pump- you know- this is the class that The Watch doesn't like- but I do. I like it when the instructor plays the music loud- makes you kinda feel like you're at a dance club and you just happen to be lifting weights. Burned 148 calories.
Wednesday- Body Step- by far my favorite class! I decided to stay a little longer in class today- I usually leave after about 40 minutes so that I can get back to the office, shower, and be back at my desk. But since it was my last workout before we head out of town- I stayed. Glad I did- so much fun! 534 calories- gone! Even got a "good workout" from The Watch.
Thursday- airport walking- does that count?
Friday- 16 oz curls- LOL- those for sure count, right?
Saturday- oh it's just worthless at this point- we did walk to a few places....
Sunday- and we walked through the airport- we really were worthless at this point....

But our trip to Nashville was a BLAST. and that's for another post.

TOTAL: 682

Monday, February 14, 2011

Time's a flying-

his new sock monkey snow hat
I have been putting off and putting off writing this one year update. I use to do these monthly- but I probably won't anymore. I am thinking that I will do the "official" updates at 18 and then 24 months- but let's hope those don't get here as fast as the 12 month did!

SIZE- at his 12 month appointment he weighed in at 19 lbs- but he had been sick- so I am pretty sure I am not doing at least 25 lbs curls daily- he's heavy! He is still in the 5% for weight and height, but of course that noggin has staying in the 75% range! He is wearing 12 mo. clothes and size 3 shoes. He has 4 bottom teeth, 4 top teeth, and has cut both his top and bottom molars on his left side. Right side is still bulging out- ouch!

NEW MOVES- K is into everything these days. He loves to climb the stairs- and in fact just last night- I think he has figured out how to climb on the couch all by himself. He is also spinning- yes- like around in circles. He thinks this is super funny- he gets himself dizzy, stumbles around, and cracks up. I have no idea where he learned this trick- but it's pretty cute.

YUMMY FOODS- we try lots of foods and some he likes and some he spits out. (and it's hard not to laugh at him- but we try not to- we really do try- but sometimes it's just too funny) His favorites right now are steamed sweet potatoes and carrots, Hawaiian teryaki meatballs, bananas, cheese, yogurt, crackers, cinnamon toast- oh and he LOVES ice cream-  He's been doing a great job at feeding himself- and we have even practiced using a spoon.

SLEEP- sleeps just great. Loves his bed- he takes one nap daily- about 3 hours each afternoon. He is sleeping on a nap mat at school! and then to bed about 7:30- and will sleep on weekends until 7:00- 7:30- but during the week- I have to wake him up at 6:15 to get ready for work/ school.

I don't know how it happened mama??

WORDS- Mama and Dada, Uh-oh, Wasdat?, he can bark, roar, and on occasion meow, he can also pretend to brush his teeth and make the arm motion for "choo-choo" for a train


BEST MOMENTS- we took a nap together this past weekend- haven't done that in quite a while- just snuggled up on the couch together- it was the best! He is also getting very good at giving kisses- love them!

FAVORITE THINGS- stuffed animals, balloons, playing outside, climbing the stairs, books, flipping over the dog food bowl-

his new tunnel!! lots of fun!
I love you to pieces little one!! Happy Valentine's Day- you sure have brought lots of love to all of us. Today you officially turn 13 months old- and we love every minute- muwah-

The Watch week 2/7- 2/13

Did pretty good last week. And my total would have been even higher if The Watch would have counted my Wednesday workout.

Monday- I so did not want to go to the gym today- it's good that I have friends- and The Watch-  that push me to go. You know- getting to the gym is the hardest part- today I did Body Attack- my goal was to break 300 calories today and I did it- 301 burned.
Tuesday- so there's a bug going around K's school and he had a nasty poo- and I guess I jumped the gun and thought that he may have it- so I kept him home for the day- and didn't get any workout in- The Watch stared at me all day saying "Exercise Day" -yea- I see you. but things work in mysterious ways because...
Wednesday- while stuck at home my car decided to stop working- well let me clarify- my power steering went out- and my Hubs decided to take everything apart- and then the car wouldn't work. So it's a good thing I was stuck at home- and not at the office! But that makes day 2 of no work out- and I am going a little bit stir crazy. So I am actually looking forward to getting back to the office which means- I get to go to the gym on my lunch break. Let's just hope my car sticks with that plan too.
Thursday- yay- back to Body Combat- man! that's a great class- just kicking butt- it's a serious stress reliever. Burned 480- nice. You know- it was good to miss the gym- I know I don't have to work out everyday- but I did miss it- and was happy to be back in.

*Side note* man! you would NOT  believe my luck. I couldn't find my keys last night so we were up at the office until 7:00 waiting on a locksmith to break in my car. I had to steal some crackers from a break room to feed K while we were waiting. Turns out- someone found my keys and turned them into the front desk- glad I got them back Friday morning!! (they were already gone for the day when I realized I couldn't find my keys)
Anyhow- that made Friday's workout just that much sweeter- that I actually got to drive to the gym. I tell you- me and this car are battling it out!

Friday- went to do Body Pump- this is a weight lifting class. The Watch does not like so much. He is always telling me crap like "you only burned a wimpy 154 calories- WIMP" and I'm like "Listen here Watch- have you ever done 5 minutes of straight squats?? huh?? Oh yea- you don't have any legs- that's what I thought"
Anyhow- the class is tough- 5 minutes of weight lifting for each body part- so even though the calories are low- it's a great workout- I did notice that I need to go up on my weights- it's just that time.
Saturday- me and the girls met up for some Body Combat- and kicked some serious bootie- burned 709 calories burned- yeow!
Sunday- no workout today- even thought The Watch said I needed to do a fitness test- hmmm? what's that? I didn't have time to study- so no test for me today.

TOTAL: 1572

Monday, February 7, 2011

Where did you get all that hair?

goodness- I didn't even know he had that much hair!

and I know- he's getting big. And I have been avoiding the 12 months update- and now he's already 13 months- stayed tuned- I will up date soon-

Texas Snow!

You know in TX- when it snows everyone freaks out and everything closes down. Which was nice- so no work on Friday! yay! it's a snow day.

The other part of that is- we don't really have any cold weather clothes either- so you just have to wing it. I put K in some baby legs, sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt, his heavy jacket, and sock monkey hat- hope he was warm. I couldn't find his little mittens- so we didn't stay out long. He didn't like touching the snow- but he liked crunching it under his feet.

I told you that Texans don't know how to dress in the snow-

C throwing snow balls to the dogs- they loved it!

Gracie kept eating the snow-

Our street- no one had drove on the roads- looks cool huh?

and what do we get into when we are home on a snow day?

 Look i'm in the middle-

We made a pot of Chicken Pot Pie soup- From Gina's Skinny Recipes- it was soooo good and perfect for a snow day dish!

The Watch week 1/31- 2/6

This is calorie burning according to The Watch- (if you don't know about him- you can read about him here) don't piss him off- or he'll just tell you "you're weak" and that you can only "eat brussel sprouts for a week" or some thing like that.

Monday- Body Attack 287 calories
Tuesday- stayed home with the baby- so not an "official" workout- but I did chase him around all day.
Wednesday- Body Step- normally- or last week I burned 458 calories in this class- but I must have made The Watch mad- or maybe he was too cold- or maybe I forgot to press start- but whatev... he said I burned a whopping 6 calories today.
Thursday- Body Combat- 482 calories and The Watch actually said "Good Workout!"
Friday- welp- we had a snow day! yay! So I popped in one of the 30 Day Shred DVDs from Jillian- did leval 3- and only burned 163 calories- but hey- at least we got a work out in on our day off.
Saurday- went the the gym with Kristen- we did Body Combat- great workout!!! burned 518 calories-
Sunday- ummm.... nothing-

TOTAL- 1914

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spontaneous what??

I'm not sure why I ever named this blog Spontaneous Life- because well...
I'm not.
Can I go with the flow?
But I like my flow.
I am just a planner. I like my routine. I like to know what's coming up. And I like to have a plan about what to do about it. I even like to have a plan for things that aren't happening- just in case they do happen.
It's almost instinctive. I find myself thinking and even planning to be spontaneous.... yes-

it's weird. it's O.C.D + A.D.D = O-D-D!

and then somethings I don't have a plan for things like when the GIANT freaking daddy longlegs came crawling out from behind my rearview mirror and I had a full blown panic attack while trying to get out of traffic and pull over before running everyone in sight off the road.

ew- thinking of that still gives me the hebee-geebes.

But back to my reasoning- regardless of how much planning I actually do- most of the time it doesn't go as planned. Things come up- life is full of surprises and you just have to roll with it most days. No reason to stress out- spontaneously combust or pull out your hair or melt into a little pile of poo on the floor. It is- what it is. So I guess that's where I was thinking spontaneous- make it a new day- make it a new way- it's all goign to be ok. (is that a song? if not it should be)

either way- gave the ol' bloggy a little facelift-  and like I said- Spontaneous Life-



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And together they had 3 very lovey kiddos-

What can I say? Matt Montalvo is truly talented. He takes gorgeous photos with ease. He's professional- and I feel like these days we can also consider him a friend. I almost feel like I am a celebrity and Matt is my personal photographer. How lucky am I? We chose Matt as our wedding photographer back in 2008. He has captured some of the most important and special moments of our lives. If you ever need a photographer- call him- and please tell him you heard about him from me.

Here's us back in Oct 2008- Engagement Photos

Bridal pictures-

Wedding Day!!

and adding to our family-

and our 1st Family of Five pictures!!!