Friday, December 14, 2012

NASCAR (11/12)

Back in November- we went up to the racetrack. I have never been to a NASCAR race before- and neither had K-

 K's Kasey Kahne racecar!

 Dad's just an ol' regular.

We usually spend Sunday afternoons watching the races on TV and the boys really enjoy it all.

Seeing it in person- was even better. We looked at the muscle cars!

We had a great time. We had great seats. Hearing the engines and watching the race- much more interesting to see live. I actually 'got it'- I could understand how strategy plays a part in the whole thing. interesting.... very interesting. We will be back for sure!

Dad's Helper

K loves to help Dad work. Tools- hammers, drills, screw drivers, you name it. He even likes to wear a pencil behind his ear- you know- just like Dad.

He has been pretty handy with the drill for a while. Mostly just making little marks here or there in the wood- or dirt.

I asked him 'whatcha doing?'

'ummm... working mom'

I guess I interrupted- can you tell?

this little stinker actually figured out how to UN-screw the screws! Do you see it?

'look mom- I did it!'

Well now I guess we need to show him how to screw them back in.