Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cooking School & Black Eyes (not peas)

"how do they relate?" you ask- well let me tell  you.

Last week my mom came and got the kids and the hubs and I- along with some of our favoritest friends heading out to cooking school.

We really had a blast- the instructor was cute in a funny little way. It was just like what you would see on Emeril! Lights, cameras, big kitchen, audience.

It was a Tennessee Williams inspired feast! All Cajun food- all excellent.

We started with some red fish and dirty rice

 Paired with a nice Chardonnay-

The Castillos-

Chef Louis (Louie) that up top is a mirror reflection of the yummies he is cooking up for us!

Shrimp Creole-

 hmmmmm- oops- I forgot what this was-
 I think Jambalaya- but I ate it before I took a picture- oops- it was too good.

and I think this is Shrimp Etouffee- I'm not sure- it's been too long-

and bread pudding- this was excellent- not soggy at all! and made with Knob Creek Whiskey-
very good!

The whole night was a lot of fun-
oh- what's that? You want to know about the black eye....

After the class- and after watching some live music- husband was playing with doggie toys.
He threw it to the dog- only I (eye) got in the way-

OUCH! and that's how I got the black eye. And I had an interview just 3 days later!
How can I go on an interview with a black eye?

and guess what? I did- and I got the job!!! so very exciting!

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