Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pretty, Cute, and Scary Halloween

I can't believe I just found all of these Halloween pictures! I told ya'll I was behind on posting.

Here are our fabulous pumpkins

Then we all went to the carnival- brrrr- it was cold- but we had a good time!

Watching the big kids go round and round and round and..

riding the Cho- Choo Train

BigBroC looks scared to ride this one..

We aren't scared.

Class room Halloween party

isn't that the cutest Scooby Do EVER?

shaking his tail

for Halloween night he even had a nose and some whiskers

Hil.arious! BigSisC is Hulk Hogan- and BigBroC is a super scary zombie! and our neighbor friend- the scary clown!

We trick- or- treated at house that had this in the driveway- so naturally we had to take pictures laying in the body out line.

poor poor Hulk Hogan- guess he ate too much candy.

Candy got the zombie too...

oh no! Scooby Doo- who has a scooby snack?

We had a great time trick- or- treating. BabyK got the hang of it and loved getting candy. He wasn't scared of the zombies, monsters, but the Scream guy- FREAKED him out. Have NO idea why? he's never seen Scream- so go figure...

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