Tuesday, March 13, 2012

24 month update

I just got to get this update in before I forget! You are on the move these days- saying new words EVERYday!

WEIGHT: 24lbs 2oz
HEIGHT: 33 inches

the broken "tractor"
In fact last night you had a conversation with your Dad on the phone- and you did great. You told him about your race cars (we talk about cars a lot) and a movie and the airplane that we saw- it was so cute.

your smoosh face
For talking- there isn't even a reason for me to list all of the words, songs, numbers, you know- because you know too much. You can count to 10 (you may leave out 6 and 7- but still...) You know your ABC's- tons and tons of songs that you have learned at school. I especially love when you do the chicken dance. You will also repeat- just about anything. So dad is trying to watch his mouth- since you have already picked up a word from him :)

One big thing- you will say please and thank you- UNPROMPTED! You have such nice manners! You will also say I love you, and sorry when you head butt someone- although I am not sure that's an accident.

quit taking my picture mother..
 I think you may grow up to be a DJ or breakdancer- you love to You Tube videos with your dad- then sing and dance away.

Here is your 1st attempt at one of your favorite songs right now- Birthday Dress by Lil Playa- you and your Aunt JJ- love your rappin' skills-

Here are your DJ skills- and you have the fist pump down for sure-

(I still need to upload this one)

Cars, trucks, race cars, tractors, trains, motorcycles, airplanes- things that move- you LOVE. You will organize all your cars in a row- and then if you decide to move somewhere else- you pile as many cars as you can into your arms and carry them around the house. When we go to dinner, or in the car, or anywhere- we take 5-10 cars with us.

get all the cars
You also love computers, phones, electronics. I am pretty sure you know how to program the computer- and play games on our phones better than we do. We just got an Ipad- and from the 1st time you started playing with it- you knew exactly what to do.

movie watching buddy
In fact- you just bought some race car points on your dad's phone that cost $50!!! (or your dad bought them and is blaming this one on you) good thing you are too young to get grounded- or I would definitely be making you pay for that with your own chore money. We better watchout for you!

love the playground!
You do love being outside- slides and running around. You will swing- but they aren't your favorite. On this particular playground trip=- it was too funny. You were up on this platform here and another little girl wanted to come play with you. You looked at her- then growled- I guess she wasn entering your "territory" then stomped your foot. Needless to say- it worked- and she turned and went the other way. Probably not the best strategy for making friends in the future.

yummy yummy pickles
As far as food goes- you are a pretty picky eater. Yogurt, applesauce, sausages, pickles, chicken nuggets, bananas, toast, biscuits, ice cream, cheese- that pretty much sums it up- besides crackers and nutri-grain bars. I keep trying to introduce you to new food- but since you are so smart- you usually call me out on that one.

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