Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uncle Mike's Big Day!

So these pictures are backwards- ha. We will start with the wedding and work our way back to rehearsal dinner.

what's this stowed away in our suitcase?

*gasp* a boy!

Wedding selfie
We really had a great time at my brother's wedding. What a big day for him and his gorgeous bride.

The bride stole the show- but I have to tell you- there was one other cutie who was stealing a lot of hearts.

I mean- can you just eat this cuteness with a spoon or what?

and her new dress from her Great Granny- too cute!

and this guy made lots of friends too.

my beautiful sister and  her boyfriend

a pouty selfie

1st dance!

me and the Groom

Me and the bride!

Two cuties!

look what we found! Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley- side by side.

We had sparklers at rehearsal dinner- this was a HUGE hit among the kiddos.

A great weekend and great time with family. We can't wait to see them all again soon!

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