Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sea World- fun?!

So off with our friends from Lubbock, Kel & Les and their almost 2 year old son K- they came down and we all went to San Antonio! Sea World and Riverwalk- here we come! Should be fun.....right??

Well it was- good company and excited kiddos- but it was 100 degrees here.... way too HOT! Too hot to even get out of the house, much less, haul some hubbies and kiddos around a packed park. What is it about the heat that brings out the bad manners in people? I couldn't believe how many times someone tried to cut in front of us or bumped one of us without saying excuse me. It's hot, we're sweating, kids are whining, and husbands are dragging feet looking for the next beer stand....figures. haha!

Anywhooo- the Sea Lion show was fun. It's the Shamu Believe show that got me. We arrive early so that we can get good seats- and we did get pretty good seats and of course it was crowded. But instead of asking people to come back to a later show the ushers crammed people into rows. Did I say how hot it was? Or how stinky people can be when they are hot? And how a pregnant woman should NOT have to smell those smells or feel that sticky stick. yuck!

It was also a day to salute the troops- which was pretty cool. So at the beginning of the show they asked all of the troops to stand and thanked them for the amazing jobs that they do for all of us here in the USA. Who cried? yup-- that would be me. It was sweet ya'll! touching! I promise. And not all hormones- I mean- I really am thankful for all that the troops do for me and my family.

Then the show starts! It's amazing! These giant killer whales jumping, speeding, squeaking! It was incredible- I loved it. Who cries?? again- that would be me folks. Every time the whale comes out of the water- tears come down my face. Who laughs? That would be the hubs. (how rude) WOW! The trainer is surfing on the belly of Shamu. It's incredible- wonder why that lady over there is crying at the show?? Raise hand- that would be me- and the more I thought about how silly it was for me to be crying, the louder the cheesy inspirational music got, the more that the kids and hubs laughed at me- the more the tears streamed down my face.

Great, great, great, day at Ol' Sea World.....

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