Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wedding Day! 4/11/09

WOW! What a day. It was great. Of course, we got a little off of our timeline, that my MOH made (who always runs late) - but then believe it or not- we were both running late. Or as she puts it "actually on time, since she lied on the timeline" But then we were off to make up, and others were doing hair- and then we all switched. Worked great! The boys on the other hand.... out drinking beer, running late, hadn't delivered important things to the venue- I tell you- I thought I was going to loose it! All this planning and time lining I had spent time on putting together- just thrown out the window. Thankfully everything came together and in true wedding chaos style- we walked down the aisle, said our "I do's" and the party started!

We had a blast and it's true what they say- the time flies by. All of my girls and I had a great time trying to synchronize our celebration jumps out on the beach, the Hubs was doing some serious breaking it down on the dance floor, we did the Grand March (thanks to Grand March Master "A"), garters and bouquets were tossed and fought over- ha ha! Before you know it, it was last dance, sparklers were lit and we were heading to our get-a-way car. We couldn't have asked for a better day, better friends and family.

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