Saturday, April 18, 2009

Honeymoon Curacao

And we are off! We actually had to go back to work for one week after the wedding and then we left for our honeymoon. First stop Curacao. We flew from TX to Atlanta, and then to Aruba, where we caught- and I am NOT kidding here- a propeller plane to Curacao. I was very nervous about this flight. I mean- can these little planes land in water? No seat assignments. No flight attendants. No carry ons! (unless it was your purse- since there was no storage in the cabin, they stored the carry ons underneath the plane) Crazy! Luckily enough, the flight was so short, by the time we took off, filled out the customs documentation, it was already time to land. I have to say- it was a good flight- much better than I expected.
When we arrived in Curacao, we grabbed a cold beer and hopped in a taxi headed for the hotel. We decided to do an all inclusive package on this leg of the trip- so we were excited to able to eat, drink, and be lazy all around the resort as we wanted to.
BTW- I not only had a "Just Married" tank on, but we had mentioned to the flight attendant that we were on our honeymoon- NO- no upgrades on that one. So when we checked into our hotel, we mentioned it again- again- NO- special treatment for us.

I only tell this because we met another couple, who were tons of fun! But they had told the hotel they were on their honeymoon and not only was their room upgraded but when they got to their room there was roses and champagne in there! (and of course, they were not on their honeymoon) hmmm... no biggie :)

Anyhow- about this couple- E & L, they were from Brazil and like I said, a lot of fun. They immediately asked all of the general Texas questions and referred to C as "Cowboy" for the rest of the trip- haha!

Our favorite Curacao outing was going to Klein Curacao. It was a 2 hour catamaran ride out to a deserted island that was truly paradise. It was the most beautiful place that we have ever been. No electricity, no inhabitants, just some huts for shade, an old abandoned light house, white beach, teal blue water, and sea turtles to snorkel with. PARADISE!

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