Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I know I know- you have all missed me so much…. Right? Well rest assured- all is good in the Brooks’ household. We have just been so super busy unpacking and trying to get all settled in- that we have lost a little bit of touch with the outside world.

We are in the house- and slowly but surely it is actually starting to feel like a home! In fact- we have so many empty boxes lying around we don’t even know what to do with them~!

This past weekend we had our baby shower! And it was a BLAST! Who knew baby showers could be so much fun. In fact, I think one of Cody’s friends made the comment that we will have to have more babies- just so that we can have more baby showers…. Hmmm watch out boys! Let’s don’t get too ahead of ourselves!

But really- we had lots of fun! We are a pretty competitive group-so I should have known how the games would go- I think there was some trickery going on with the “Cant say baby or boy game” and Keith was totally not playing fair! And once Shelly stacked up with everyone pins- she wasn’t even talking. Haha! But in the end- Phillip walked away with the most baby pins- since he stole mine!

The hostess- with the mostest- of course!

I tell ya- watching boys chug beer out of baby bottles is just one funny site. Justin bit a hole in his nipple-and I am pretty sure that was grounds for disqualification- But he was just so proud that he won!

After that came the game that stole the night- That was having them- the boys- see how many marshmallows they could stuff in their mouths- and still be able to say “Baby Brooks” I think I, along with many others, nearly peed ourselves laughing so hard! All of the boys with their chipmunk cheeks full of jumbo sized marshmallows- HILARIOUS! Wade was the winner with 8- yes- EIGHT- jumbo marshmallows stuffed in there! I was convinced that at any second we were going to all be sprayed with marshmallow cream.

The food was excellent- yummy! In fact we ate our “to go” plate the very next day! The UT football game was EXCITING! Need I say more? I mean we were all on the edge of our seats for that! It was even suggested that we name CJ- Hunter or McCoy or Colt- lol! With all the excitement- it kicked off the Flip Cup competition- and it was on!

What a fun night- I know that Cody had a blast and I loved how the hostesses made sure he felt involved for the whole night. He sure was a proud Daddy! Cody and I feel so lucky to have I such wonderful friends to host and to attend the party- it truly is a celebration of life- and I was glad to have everyone there. Of course- I think the myth goes- that the guy that ended up with the most baby pins- is whose wife will get pregnant next! Watch out Tracie and Phillip! I love celebrating all of these life events with everyone. Engagements- Weddings and Babies- it’s just magical. And coming up next I can’t wait to celebrate CJ’s arrival and introduce him to our wonderful world of friends!

Speaking of…. Well this week I turn 9 months! WOW!! And with all the talk about the “Blue/ Full Moon” on New Year’s this year- I guess we just better be ready at anytime! We will be sure to keep everyone on their toes- hehe! But really- we will update the blog, send texts, and lots of pictures- so be ready!

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