Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun in the sun (well shade)

This past weekend we took Kash on his 1st trip to the lake! I was so super nervous!!
1. about wearing a bathing suit- whoa!
2. about Kash being in a boat! on the water! yikes!

Soooooo- you can see from the pictures that his life jacket doesn't look so comfy- LOL! He pretty much looks like the turtle that is on the front of his jacket. haha! I assure you he has plenty of room in there to move his head around (at least a little bit) and it's better safe than
Kash and Dr. Jessica

Turns out he loved it! It was pretty cloudy- so that was good- but we still lathered him up with some baby sunblock. (and believe me with a dermatologist on the boat- she makes sure EVERYone is all sunblocked up!)

This is pretty much how Kash spent his 1st boat trip- totally relaxed and passed out! maybe that life jacket
is pretty snuggly in there.
Uncle Wade got in some wake boarding-

And of course Daddy had to get him some too. Cody's 1st time! yaya!! They made it look easy- but don't let it fool you- being at the lake wears  you out! Even just riding in the boat- haha! :)

Cute couples!

What a fun day! We didn't get in the water- Lake Austin is just too cold- brrrr. But I am sure we will this summer.


  1. That is awesome! I am not sure I can take Cade on a boat right now, he would jump off!

  2. What a fun time for everyone! Great to get Kash the exposure from a young age so he is used to it!