Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Just What We Do-

Kash had a blow out last night- all over his bumpo, all over his legs, all in his clothes, and then all over me-

My 1st thought was- "awww sweetie- is your tummy upset? let me pick you up" (that's when I got the poo on me)


Holycraploadofcrap! that's a lot of poo-ewwwww- yuck- how will I get this off me? off him? gross gross gross- what to do? where do I put him down?why is his poo that color? and chunky? barfgagbarf-

LOL! I guess that's what Mom's do-

Of course- that was my 2nd thought :)

And on a side note- Kash is fine! No more blow outs since-

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