Monday, December 13, 2010

I feel the need- the need for speed...

So for a wedding present I got my soon-to-be new husband the driving school at Texas Motor Speedway!! and YAY- we finally got around to using it! FINALLY!

We had a blast! the VROOOM of the cars- it gave me chills! C got to drive 10 laps with 10 other drivers on the track! His car topped out a 150 mph- yikes!

Then he got to ride with an instructor for 4 laps- and they got to go 160 mph- this was his favorite- he said that it was just a rush- can you hear how fast they are going?

My videos are a little shaky- I was standing on bleachers- kinda on one leg- trying to look at the camera, entertain K- and not get blown over by the wind. Oh- the wind!! It was cold- and it was blowing hard!

All the guys were smiling ear to ear when they climbed out of the cars. They loved it! I asked him if he liked this or skydiving better- and he said this by far! It actually made me want to attend a real race- never thought I would really want to do that. But being down there on pit row- looking up at all the stands- seeing the bank in the turns- it was pretty awesome.

here are the suits they wore-

Cars all lined up and ready to go! The class was held in this garage as well- so when the instructor was finished all the guys opened up the garage doors and started up the cars- whoa!!! the rumble in my tummy! it was really exciting!

Emergency vehicles- just in case...

How handsome!! I think he would make a good race car driver!

C's car- #07 Jack Daniels- fitting huh?

Getting in-

 There he goes!!! vrroooommmmm....

 Afterwards this instructor came up to me and said,
- "He's not afraid of speed is he?"
- "No- no sir he's not."
- "You probably shouldn't let him drive back to Austin."

LOL- so I drove us back to Austin- no speeding!

If you get the chance to do this- DO IT! or if you need a gift idea-

And I would suggest- if you are scared to drive the track- then ride with an instructor- I sosososososo wish I would've done this while I was there!

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