Wednesday, December 15, 2010

shhhh.... it's a secret post- just pretend ok....OK-

Let's just pretend that I am NOT writing a 11 month post update- because- no- nope- nada- not. going. to. do . it.

and I am not going to cry either.

ok- well maybe

just a little....

It's probably a good thing that we are so super busy swamped with the holiday season- that I am trying to not focus very hard- like maybe if I don't think about it- it won't happen- kind of a thing... know what I mean?? dont' make me say it outloud...

shhhhhhh- remember- we can't say it outloud- ok- that K is in his LAST month before he turns a

 ....sniffle.....tear..... a year old......

WH-HAT?? who said that? not me!

ok- well I guess I better just face the music- I mean- we do have a "deal"- and at least I'm not getting any older-

So coming up- we have:
-Christmas Bunko- at our house!
-Christmas weekend- yipee!
-Off visiting family
-Then New Year's Eve
-Then my "subtractoneyear" Birthday
-Then K's FIRST birthday party
-Then a good friends wedding
-whew- an off weekend
-Then Dad's "add two years so that he's older than mom" birthday party- and as long as we're keeping things quite- there's no reason to tell him about this.

So- like I said busy busy busy- and hopefully that will  keep me just a little bit insane- right?

SIZE: we actually went to the doctor- since the weather has been all kinds of crazy- all the kids at daycare have gross stuff coming out of their noses- but guess what? It's nothing... anyhow- he weighed in at 19 lbs! Still wearing 6-9 month clothing- mostly- but starting to fit in some 12 month stuff.
All grown up- at the TX Motor Speedway

NEW MOVES:- walking- walking- and more walking. He's even starting to walk fast- and I think he's trying to jump! He will bend his knees and get real low- then shoot up- real fast! Of course his feet don't leave the ground- but I think he is trying to get them too!

YUMMY FOODS: He gets 4 bottles a day- 1 when he wakes up, 1 mid morning and one late afternoon at school, then one before bedtime. We have cut out his lunch time bottle- and I guess we will be working on cutting out another one soon. For breakfast he is eating yogurt with fruit. LOVES bananas. I can mix just about anything with banana and he will eat it- and I mean anything. We are trying to move to the school menu for lunch. Still working on that one. Since K isn't feeding himself yet- he still needs food from the spoon. So I usually pack a "back up" lunch. But he is almost there- he will pick up a few pieces of food and get them in his mouth! He likes sweet potatoes, apple sauce, chicken, beef, spaghetti, carrots, avocados, pineapples, beans, there's more- but I just can't think. We actually are feeding him anything these days- we have even ordered off the kids menu! But mostly just letting him nibble at our plates- it's nice to not have to make special foods for him- and we can all just eat together.

SLEEP- ummm same.

WORDS: no real words yet- I am excited about hearing what will be the first one?? we have been doing lots of animal sounds- I think he can meow and bark a little bit. I am working on getting a HoHoHo- but not sure if I can get that out of him before the holiday is over- but who knows? He babbles all the time- I wonder what he's saying?
Helping mom decorate for the holidays!

checking out the tree- notice his blanky close by-
BEST MOMENTS: K will sometimes get shy- and when new people come around he will bury his face in my neck- it's so sweet. We are going to have to watch this boy with the girls~! He' s not shy at all then! He is giving kisses out left and right! He's got a crush on a girl at school- who he has been blowing kisses to- but last week- he actually kissed her on the head! How sweet! We also put up the Christmas tree- and when we light up the lights- K starts with all kinds of ohhhhhh's and ahhhhhh's- and he even gets himself so excited he gets tongue tied!

This is from last month- before he was walking all over- but it still shows his kiss blowing skills-

FAVORITE THINGS: He's is IN LOVE with his new blanky that was a gift from Zan. Her daughter makes them and they are THE BEST! so super soft- I can't believe that he actually gets his blanket and carries it around- he's never done that with any other blanket. He also likes the dogs' water bowl- the Christmas tree lights and decorations. And he is starting to like his own seat. Right now it's his boppy- he will crawl into it- with his blanky of course- and then pretend to watch TV or something- it's pretty darn cute!
My blanky
 Getting his feet tickled-

K- you amaze me. Everyday. You are constantly learning new things- and getting such a fun personality! You can be stubborn and a little bit hard headed. (wonder who you get that from?) You don't quite understand "no" yet- and you laugh at me if I try and take something away. That is- until you learn it's not a game- then you sit on the floor, bend in half, put your head down and pout/ cry. You are so observant- you notice everything. Lights are probably your favorite- but also different textures on the walls, buttons and switches, and trees, leaves, and birds. Just lately you have started acting shy. If new people come in the room- you will hide between my legs or bury your face in my neck- it's so cute- I love it! (that's from your dad) You light up immediately when your brother and sister walk in the room! and your Dad can make you laugh like no one else can. I love hearing you laugh. I love our morning "talks" on the way to school. If you grow up and sing the wrong words to songs- I will take a little bit of responsibility for that one.... but at least the rhymes I make up are fun! well sometimes- LOL! I can still watch you sleep- and I love holding you while you sleep- I love snuggling up with you- so many- and so much love surrounds you- I know you have to grow up- but at least you will be my baby forever.

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