Thursday, May 26, 2011


whew! what a week- last week of school- 3 day weekend- and 100 degree weather- HOT!

BigSisC won the Citizenship Award- that's for being helpful and a role model student throughout the year- she was the only girl in 7th grade to win the award!! Way to go! So very proud of her- can't believe that she will be starting her last year of middle school next year..... time has just got to slow down!
BigBroC has his awards ceremony and 5th grade graduation on Friday- then it's out of elementary school and off to the 6th grade for him-

surely- I don't age at the same rate as the kids do- right? .....RIGHT?

Earlier this week we hit up the Round Rock Express game. We love sitting out on the "grassy knoll" - at least that's what we call. We just bring a big blanket and relax chase babyK around. At least the sun had settled a little bit and we got a good spot in the shade- a nice breeze- and a great crowd.

This weekend we are heading out with one of our favorite families- the K Family. They have a lake house that is o'so fun. Spending the days floating in the lake and fishing. And of course my favorite part of the planning- is deciding what to eat!

The menu for this weekend:
- sausage and biscuits for breakfast
- brisket and red beans
- jalapeno bacon wrapped chicken
- grilled corn on the cob with cilantro pesto butter
- grilled asparagus
- spinach artichoke dip
- cheesy bean dip

I know- way to much food- we always have a lot.

And speaking of having a lot- my family is truly blessed and I don't want to end on a sad note here- so read on to the next post-


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