Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blessed, Lucky, Loved

I sat last night and really reflected on how truly blessed I am. My friends, my family, my love-

I am so honored to be a part of making the world a better place. Remember the movie Pay It Forward? It's so very true. If just each of us- treats others the way we would want to be treated in return- just think.... think of the possibilities.

My new job- the values that we teach our children, the friends that make me want to be a better person. For real- my cup is full. My heart beats hard and proud.

And my heart goes out to families that have to experience loss. It pains me.

The tornado in Joplin- claimed too many. This family -the Hamils- lost their 15mo old son, the mother and 5 year old daughter are in the hospital, and her 3 year old son was ripped from her arms during the storm and is still missing.


If you can help. Help. $5, $10, $20- every cent counts. Give blood. Give supplies. Give your time. The American Red Cross has plenty of information of ways to help as well.

Count your blessings. Hug your loved ones. Send some love to those who need it.

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