Thursday, October 25, 2012

The back porch

I really can't believe that I haven't posted this yet. It's prob because it feels like we have been working on this stinking porch forEVER- shhh don't tell me husband I said that....

But really- it's been a long time.

April 28, 2012- here is where we started. 

The Goal: back porch sitting area without cleaning out the bank account. AKA- do it yourself back porch. (or better known as- the husbands job)

Good progress the 1st weekend-. I mean- I can actually see things coming together- right?

Looking good!

May 2 2012- all the boards are down- now to pick out a stain color for the wood.

July 18th- so you can see here- the wood is stained. And yes- we have started K on yard duty at a young age. He loves it! so we aren't going to steer him away. And our poor poor pitiful grass- I mean seriously- have you ever seen grass so sad?

Aug 10
WOW-  the grill has been moved over- and we are moving forward with the roof and the pergola

Sept 24th- lookie here! 1/2 of the covered porch is done- and the pergola is finished!

and there's little K doing yard work again- I tell ya- he loves it! 
just in case you are worried- the mower isn't on- he just loves pushing it around the yard.

Sept 30th- we boxed in the cedar posts- and can you see our grass? It came back!! You know what they say 'if you build it- the (grass) will come' right- or something like that.

trimmed the posts- you can see we have been working in between rain storms. We also stained all the posts, pergola, everything so it would look the same.

Oct 3rd- finishing touches. And then there was light! Adds the perfect ambiance (ahhhmmmm- biance) to the back yard. Now to enjoy.

so about eh 7 months give or take- that's a long long project. thanks husband- it's awesome! and getting to be that perfect patio weather- fall in TX- just the right temperature outside to sit and enjoy.

We still have some work to do- but from what he tells me 'it's the easy part'

Next- shingles on the roof. And pavers to cover some of the grass that didn't come back- the a fire pit out on the pavers. But heck- it's going to be a while before it's cold enough here for a fire pit right?? we got time.

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