Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

we started with our Halloween tradition- carving some pumpkins.

K would have nothing to do with the pumpkin guts- every time we pulled out a handful he would say

'mommy that's YUCKY'

working hard

Ta!Da! all done. Mine's the best- right? 

K- had his annual Costume Parade at school. You can tell he's just thrilled.

he makes a pretty cute Popeye!

               That evening we got all ready to go out trick-or-treating.
We have a zombie. And a....a.... hmmm... well not real sure what she is. A hobo nerd with suspenders? She also had some vampire fangs too.

This is pretty much all we saw of K all night long. He got the hang of the whole ringing the doorbell. Um, sorry any one that had a stuck doorbell. (or toddler finger push- you know- just to check and make sure it rang the 1st five or six times.)

he had the sweetest 'Trick or Treat' voice

he would just take one piece of candy- then say the sweetest 'thank you'
and then he was off!

  his bag was so heavy he was dragging it behind him.

you can see holes in his bag here. Eventually a little candy trail followed him home. With those big muscles- that bag must have been really heavy.

yay! candy!

What a night. We had fun- managed to get the kids all dressed up and they manager to score some major candy! We will prob have candy around here forever! maybe I should go eat some.....

happy halloween ya'll!

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