Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NYE 2011

We decided to do it up big this NYE! The kids were home and had friends to invite over- we had friends to invite over- and so it was decided- and a party was in the works.
We wanted to get dressy, make good food, do a balloon drop, pop fireworks and play some games- so here we go!

The Decor- we went with gold, silver, white and black-
Front hall way

from the front door looking in-

the kitchen

I love love love these snow flakes- we will have to get BigSisC to give us a tutorial on how to make them- she learned how with Student Council this year- aren't they gorgeous!

Setting up the balloon drop

The decor- and food. Here we have goat cheese stuffed peppadews, pickles and olives, and salami. Then you can also see our "kid friendly" punch over next to the "adult friendly" champagne!

veggie tray and some guacamole-

7 layer dip- so good!

We also had shrimp cocktail, crock pot meatballs, chicken enchilada dip, and tiramasu cake for dessert.

Our fireworks for the evening-

The girls-

 The boys

Let the games begin! We did all Minute To Win It games- so fun.  You can find tons of games on their website.
1st up- get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth- NO HANDS!

wiggle wiggle

almost there

The boys men- I suppose.

Two cuties!

  Next up- Cup Stacker- build a pyramid with the cups- and take it down- all with one hand.
This got pretty intense!!


 get it girls-

Winner! (well of that round- we had several brackets, rounds, and then a championship)

Next up- Toilet Paper Un-Roll- see who can unroll a roll of toilet paper with one hand the fastest. So I assume you are like me and wondering what is going on in this picture? I guess we didn't get pictures of the actual game- just the after math.

They must have been playing the Mummy Game?

Midnight! The balloon drop was a success! We had champagne toasts and special light up glasses- it was a great night! We all had fun. Now onto 2012- it's going to be a great year!

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