Monday, May 21, 2012

Work Trip

I won't rub it in too much, but I work for a great company. Since we are all home based- we MUST all travel some place for our annual staff meeting...

so this year- why not stay at the Ritz Carlton Cancun?

This is the sunrise on my 1st day of meetings.

my "office" for the next day or so-

We also had a team outing at Selvatica- and went zip lining ( I did it upside down- whoooo) then rode the dune buggies- and ended up swimming in a cenote-

and we finished off the AWESOME day with dinner

and drinks :)

and on the last day- one last lunch out by the pool before heading off to the airport. This was actually the only time I got a little bit of sun. We did do a lot of work on this trip- and if you have to be away from loved ones for a little bit- then you can't complain about an office like this!

see dream jobs do exist. So happy I found mine.

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