Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday Night Dinner

I took advantage of a Living Social deal the other day and got a basket full of fresh organic veggies from Johnson's Backyard for a great deal!

so from that point- I was determined to make a yummy dinner with all my new veggies. I started the afternoon off with some kale chips. (don't have a picture of those) But they were good and easy to make- so I will for sure make those again.

I got a batch of tomatillos- YUM! and roasted them along with some onions, garlic, and jalapenos to make a fresh batch of tomatillo salsa. This was SO good.

The salsa

Then we threw some burgers on the grill along with our fresh green tomatoes! I went back and forth all day long between fried green tomatoes and this grilled green tomato recipe- and I am very happy with the way the Caprese Green Tomatoes turned out!

The tomatoes with fresh mozzarella slices and white balsamic. Let's all say it together

oh- me and K also made our 1st pool appearance of the summer! We didn't stay long- but he really got into the whole pool thing- it took a while- but now he has asked to go to the pool everyday.

This morning I said "are you ready to go to school?"

His response:
"yes mommy I want to go to the pool"

oh no.

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