Thursday, July 5, 2012

C's 12th Bday

BigBroC's 12th bday party! This year his bday fell in the middle of the week- so even though we kept it somewhat low key- we still had a lot of fun.

He had his friends over.

 We opened presents. His little brother had to help of course. I think he was more interested in the robot wrapping paper.

We had bday cake of course! I made an Ice Cream Sandwich cake- sooooo good!

Make a wish!

what would a party be without wrestling? and some serious licking from Gracie.

He allowed some girls to come too-

For the food- he wanted to do Appetizer night. (some Friday nights- we do appt night with a movie)
So he picked some of his favorite snacks that we have made-

Green Slime Punch

My famous Cheesy Bread

Sausage plates

Chicken sliders on Hawaiian rolls

 We also had some Cheesy Bean dip, salsa, and stuffed mushrooms. After snacking around- the boys headed up stairs to play the new X-box game he got. I think they tried to stay up all night long! Happy 12th Birthday!!! next year... a teenager.... ahhhhhh.

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