Friday, September 27, 2013

Where does the time go? (3 month update)

Three months- 12 weeks- it's flown by. I keep thinking maybe time will slow down- just a little bit. But nope.

I feel like you have been in our lives forever- you were meant to be here. And still- at that same time- just 12 weeks old. Just 12 weeks ago- we hadn't met you yet. Just seems crazy to even think of.

You are a happy baby. You barely ever cry- you do like to be help while that person is standing up. We still can't figure out how you know- but you do. As soon as we touch the couch- you will be sure to let us know that you prefer standing. Ha!

When you are hungry you start to suck on your hand. You can almost fit your hold fist in your mouth-

We have started using bottles- because you have also started going to school. You go to the same place as your very proud big brotherK. He sure LOVES his little sister! He is a great big brother and takes his role very seriously. He likes to check in on you and gives you lots of hugs and kisses. Some tickles too.

Sleeping is going ok. You went a few weeks where you would go a 6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night- so only getting up once a night to eat. Then lately you started getting up every 3 hours- maybe a growth spurt?

You are wearing 3M clothes and size 1 diapers. You aren't far from being able to sit up. You want to so bad.  Really you like to stand- your legs are so strong!

You will coo and awww every once in a while, but not too much. And we have yet to hear a good giggle. That is a sound I am very much looking forward to hearing soon!

Bath times are fun. I bet you are going to be a water bug next summer. I can't wait! We are heading to GA for your Uncle Mike's wedding next week and you will get to meet lots of family there for the 1st time- I know you are going to be a big hit. We sure love your smiling face-

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