Wednesday, June 26, 2013

and the countdown begins....just 5 days to go!

What a whirlwind of emotions and breakdowns this past week!

It all started last Thurs.- I was suppose to see my doctor's nurse practitioner (because my doctor was in Europe! honestly I am still surprised I didn't go into labor while she was gone) But when I get to the office, the Internet is fried....
and so they won't see ANY patients...

And this was the appointment where we were going to go ahead and schedule our induction date. And she won't even see me. So they tell me that they will try and get me in the next day- or will call me to reschedule for sometime next week.

Now a little bit of back story- when we finally decided to schedule BabyK's induction date- the hospital was FULL. They put us 'on call' for Monday, Tues, Wed, or Thurs of the following week.

For real.

And that's how BabyK came 8 days late.

So they give me this news- and naturally I high tail it to my car, call husband, and cry. And then go get a chocolate brownie shake. All is better, right?

Then the next morning, a Friday, bright and early, I call to reschedule my appointment. They nonchalantly tell me they will get me in NEXT Thurs... um NO. That's not going to work- because of this and this and this and I am sosorryIknowIamemotionalbutIneedtoschedulemyinducationdatepleasehelpme

I hang up with her- because I am pretty sure she thinks I am a little bit loony and she was no help anyhow. I call my doctor's nurse assistant- and she is all kinds of wonderful! She gets me in to see my doctor Monday afternoon- and promises me that she will schedule the induction date as soon as we see the doctor.

Over the weekend- we WIN the Championship at our basketball tournament!! and we celebrate! PapaL comes in town for the celebration too.

Playing I Spy at lunch


Free throw!

Monday comes- we see the doctor- I am so swollen and poofy- my toes are sausage like and my fingers look like I have 5 thumbs. She tells me that all is ok- probably the heat. Nice.

And then they schedule us to check into the hospital Sunday! THIS SUNDAY! ohsweetreliefIcanfinallyseethelightattheendofthetunnel....

I can deal with being poofy and hot and uncomfortable for one more week. And then- AND THEN- we get to finally meet our sweet sweet baby girl. (she will be sweet right?)

So needless to say- this week we have been some busy bodies. Not sure why we waited to do some of this stuff until now. But ya know... that's how we roll.

Bags packed
Last minute preparations are in full swing. Last belly shots.

39.5 weeks 

39.5 weeks- love these stretchy tanks- JC Penny like $5- NICE!

That's right- he is in his big boy bed. In his own room.
So we will prepare, and clean, and relax, and do all the things you think you are suppose to do before babies arrive. And then Sunday we will check in and Monday she will be here. We can't wait- will she have her Daddy's green eyes? Her Mommy's nose? just 5 days to go and we can all find out!

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