Tuesday, June 18, 2013

38 weeks- maybe me last 'weekly' update?

#2  Baby Girl
1st time around with Baby Boy at 38 weeks

How far along? 38 weeks- it's in the title... 
Body Changes? my ankles and feet and hands feel swollen. especially at the end of the day. It seems if I go to the gym- it helps. So I am still trying to make that happen. Just a little bit of sweat each day- to keep the water retention away.
Sleep:  who?what? If I can get in a comfy spot- then I fall very sound asleep. Until I have to pee. then I have to get comfy again- but then I fall asleep good- and then I have to pee. LOL- 
Best moment this week: We celebrated Father's Day this weekend. Had lots of fun! Hung out at the pool- cooked some great steaks- all in all a great weekend!
Food Cravings: I made a Brown Sugar Pound Cake for Dad this weekend- and it is GOOD. Top it off with some Italian Cream Ice Cream = heaven.
What I miss: laying on my tummy- moving quick- walking fast- bending over- my lap.
Symptoms: I am guessing she has 'dropped'- everyone keeps saying I look low. Lots of pressure in the lower regions. I don't remember feeling this the 1st time around. Maybe that's because BabyK never got into position- I never even dilated or anything. So what I really really hope is that this means she is getting ready to make her debut! I am for sure moving slower- and he feet are definitely up in my ribs/ chest area. My belly button is flat- I thought for sure it would be an outie by now.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting this little girl!
Workouts: Last week did boot camp and combat. Did Boot camp today- may have to skip combat this week- makes me sad- but -as of right now- I am just not up for it. We will see how I feel in the morning. 
Milestones: I quit step class at 35 weeks with my 1st pregnancy- and just did Pilates until the end. So I have beaten that! and plan to keep up with working out until the end. It makes my whole day better- so why not? If it gets uncomfortable- then I will scale back as needed.

Not sure if you can tell by the tone of this update- but I am pretty much ready for her to be here. I know- just a few more weeks. Can't tell you how many times a day I hear that- I get it. I am ready- it will be here- I know. Enjoy the last days- I've heard it.

At my appointment this week- if I am at least at 2cm they will let me go ahead and schedule her induction date. Which right now we are thinking will be her due date! July 1st-
So even though I am soooo ready for her to be here- I am also hanging in there to see if she will come in her own.

12 days to go.... I will keep you posted on what happens.

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