Friday, August 2, 2013

A month already-

How fast time flies- it does- I try I try to slow it down- but....

Here's looking back-

This was taken on August 1st, 2013- You are starting to smile- I LOVE it! Of course, when I pull out the camera- you refuse.

Just wanted to remember you little hairs in the back- not sure where you got this strawberry blonde hair from- it seems to be getting darker- I wonder if it will curl?


This photo is from today (7/29/13) You are 4 weeks old today.

You love to lay on your belly. I think you really want to roll over- so that you can sleep on your belly- but you aren't quite there yet. And you love to snuggle with your Daddy.

I finally realized that I better start cycling through some of cute NB size outfits because you are about to grow out of them! You are wearing NB and 0-3 size clothes. The NB is starting to get snug- so it won't be long. We also ran out of NB diapers- and you are wearing a size 1.
At your 2 week check up- you weighed 8 lbs 8 oz and were 21 inches long! Marking you up in the 65%- WOW- so much bigger than your big brother.

If we could hold you the whole time you slept- then I think you would already be sleeping through the night. I love holding you and watching you sleep! You are a snuggly little thing. and the loudest sleeper! We like to call you our little Teradactyl-  you make all kinds of grunts and sweet oooos while you are sleeping. We startred our nighttime sleep routine and you have done pretty good. We start bath at 8PM, then you nurse and usually fall asleep for about an hour. Then after Daddy is done giving your big brother a bath- you like to lay with him until you fall asleep again around 10:30PM. You sleep the longest on this one- usually for about 4 hours. And after you eat you easily go right back to sleep throughout the night. Getting up about every 3 hours. You are sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room and doing a great job. Depending on what was the last time you woke up- you will sleep until about 7AM. Then we usually go for a walk. If I will hold you will even sleep on more 'round; and get up around 9 AM! nice!
After our walk- you have been taking a 3 hour nap right around 10AM each day- so that's nice- let's Mommy get some work done.

I try to hold you through at least one nap a day- I love it! and I know it won't be long before I won't get to do that anymore.

We totally forgot to get PJs for you! ha! Good thing we have good friends with cute hand-me downs. We are stacked with clothes from Berkley (can't wait for you and her to get to meet and play- she is 8 months older than you- so you two will probably be trouble at some point in time)

From the day we brought you home from the hospital- you have had crazy strong neck muscles and very strong legs! Guess keeping up with my workouts rubbed off on you. You can lift your neck very well- however- lowering it... not so good at. 

I am trying to help you work on self soothing. You won't take a pacifier- and you try and suck your thumb- but then decide against it. So I though you might like to snuggle with this little bear.  You even make the 'frog' noise that I made too! But so far- we haven't figured out how to soothe those little fussy night time cries.

Your 1st selfie. I am pretty sure I have already begin to bug you with my picture taking- but no worries- I'm not going to stop. So you have plenty of years to just get use to it. It's what Mommies do.

Yes- already embarrassing you. Your 1st bath.

and I love these little head bands-

Pretty much brand new here- 

Not much bigger than our remote control-  little bitty thang!

Protective Gracie- she makes sure no one messes with you. She is such a good Mama dog.

Can't imagine life without you- and can't believe how fast it goes by. I will enjoy my days of snuggling with you on my chest- as I know they won't last long. We love you.

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